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The Brisbane World Expo '88 Network Guide Pamphlet
1988-2023 35th Anniversary Edition 5.1

World Expositions Snapshot
Our rambling Expositions Diary

An Expo Poem
by Kylie Flanagan

The people, personalities and stars behind World Expo '88
The Loch Ard Peacock - of the Victoria Pavilion. It's Journey and Story.

Night Companion Diary
A 21st Century Photo Tapestry of the Expo Symbol Tower

World Expo '88 Passport Clearance
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Exclusive! "Expo Magic - The Video"
(55 mins)
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Your Daily Entertainment and Attendance Guide to Expo '88

A Brief Guide to Australia in the 1980s
Your Year-By-Year Culture Guide to the Australian Bicentennial Decade

Australia at World Expositions
Australia at Montreal expo '67
Celebrating the 40th Anniversary of the Universal and International Exposition of Montreal

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Press Archives

                                                          Expo Monorail

The Expo 88 site with its iconic sun-sails at sundown 1988....May the memories never fade! Image BCC-T108-2 Courtesy and Copyright Brisbane City Council

Image BCC-T120-470
An evening image of the Opening festivities
 of World Expo '88 from the Victoria Bridge
Courtesy and Copyright Brisbane City Council

The nightly neon wonderland of 'Times Square' - at the centre of the Expo
The Monorail passes by the Federal Republic of Germany Pavilion - Artwork "Orbit" and sun-sails in the background

World Expo '88 and the City of Brisbane
'World Expo Park', with it's popular roller-coasters and rides, is in the foreground. The Queensland Performing Arts Complex is in the middle left of the image. The arches of the popular Melbourne Street Gate are beside.
Image BCC-T120-94 Courtesy and Copyright Brisbane City Council

Sketch of the Nepal Peace Pagoda Courtesy of
Friends of the Pagoda
and APAC - the Association to Preserve Asian Culture
Artist: S.D.Ashanta 1986

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Times Square neon wonderland