Download Here!
Foundation Expo '88 Mouse Pointers Set Instructions Pop-Up!
* Download .zip
* Choose Extract All Files to start Extraction Wizard
* Save Extracted files to folder of your choice
1. Open Control Panel
2. Select Appearance and Themes
3. Select Mouse Pointers
4. Select the Pointers tab
5. Under Customize, highlight 'Normal Select'
6. Click 'Browse' - and select 'worldexpo88greenandglobelogo.ani'
7. Highlight 'Working in Background'
8. Click 'Browse' - and select 'foundationexpo88globelogo.ani'
9. Highlight 'Busy'
10. Click 'Browse' - and select 'foundationexpo88globelogo.ani'
11. Highlight 'Link Select'
12. Click 'Browse' - and select 'expooz.ani'
13. Under Scheme, highlight 'Save As...', Foundation Expo '88
14. Click Apply, then OK. That's that! Enjoy your new mouse pointer set!