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Academic Forum

Here you will find a potpourri of academic and expert opinion on World Expo '88
Articles digitised and re-published with permission by Foundation Expo '88 for the Foundation Expo '88 web-site

"Report of the Commissioner General of Expo 88 on the Australian Government's Involvement in Expo 88" (1988)
"Opening Ceremony Speeches, National Day Speeches, Closing Ceremony Speeches" (1988)
Published by Office of Commissioner-General, Expo '88

Digitised to Portable Document Format and re-published with permission
Copyright for these documents is held by the Australian Governmment Department of Foreign Affairs & Trade, Canberra
Original of these documents are viewable at the John Oxley Library, State Library of Queensland, Brisbane, and by participating Australian Library Inter-Library Loan Request

Foundation Expo '88 is grateful to the Australian Commonwealth Government Department of Foreign Affairs & Trade for their kind permission to
digitise and re-publish on the Foundation Expo '88 web-site the following reports and speeches:

Selected Articles from Academic Journals
Digitised to Portable Document Format and published or, hyperlinked to their respective URL, on the Foundation Expo '88 web-site, by Foundation Expo '88, with permission
Copyright for these documents is held by the respective Journal and Author concerned

The following external hyperlinks refer to reports and/or surveys conducted prior/during/and after the Exposition:

NOTE: This hyperlink is not active as at 2024. Opinion Poll DO517: Australian Gallup Poll July, 1987, Australian Social Science Data Archives, Questions regarding World Expo '88 - among others. "How much do you know about Expo '88?" [Q. 4a,4b,4c]
Polling Organisation: AGB McNair. https://assda.anu.edu.au/polls/D0517.html