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Welcome to Celebrate 88 - the world-wide-web's one-stop encyclopedia to the 1988 World Exposition - Brisbane's own World Expo 88 - and a portal to Australia at past, present, and future World Expositions.

With the end of Expo 2020 Dubai and its rebirth as Expo City Dubai, our attention is drawn further afield with the ongoing planning for what will be the first Expo post-pandemic at Osaka Japan in 2025. With the theme "Designing Future Society for Our Lives", I am proud to announce that Australia will have a unique and robust Pavilion with our northern neighbour, highlighting the harmony and heritage of Australia's first nations peoples and later arrivals with the theme "Chasing the Sun".

And as the 35th anniversary of Expo 88 comes to a close, we look further afield to the 40th anniversary in 2028 - just a few years from now.

In other news, the Expo 88 Facebook group continues to grow (now over 4,000 members), who share their love of Brisbane's Expo through its many popular postings of pins found, memorabilia and mascots - largely due to the creative credit of Jason Ford and Peter Rasey. 

Wherever you may be in the world, we hope you enjoy your visit to celebrate88.com and revisit or visit for the first time World Expo 88 online, and join in our vibrant online community at http://facebook.com/groups/expo88/

"Together, we'll show the world."

Stay safe, keep well and keep active.

With warm and cordial Queensland regards,

John R McGregor


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