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A snap-shot of Expo '88 odd-ball statistics
Sourced from the World Expo '88 Official Newspapers 'The Courier-Mail' and 'The Sunday Mail',
and 'Expo Excitement', Event Publishing, Australian Consolidated Press

Did you know that....

....ticket-selling - one person on the Expo site sold $AUD22,345 worth of tickets in a single four-hour shift.

....the Expo had its own gold mint and refinery at the Pavilion of Western Australia - where under strict supervision of Pavilion attendants, 72 gold ingots were melted and moulded every day, recycling the gold used on each occasion. Each ingot was worth $AUD40,000.

....every evening at the conclusion of each Expo day, a state-of-the-art 15-minute fireworks, music, and laser show was presented at the Expo River Stage venue, with the Brisbane CBD as backdrop. Over 300kg of fireworks were used in each evening's display - over 55,200kg for the six months of the Expo.

....Night Companion - the Expo's symbol tower - is equivalent in height to a 20-story building, took 2 months to construct, and used granite, copper and fibreglass in its construction, including 160 tonnes of steel, and 17 square metres of 23-carat gold leaf for its dome top. Night Companion (also popularly known as the 'Sky Needle') also featured a powerful xenon beam search light which surveilled the Brisbane skies every evening of the Expo, allowing for non-interference with the Brisbane Airport Tower, and could be seen up to 60km away. The tower was bicentennial Australia's largest art commission, and was estimated to have costed $AUD4.0 million in its construction. A circular bronze canopy prominently featured at 10 metres height from the tower's base. 'Sky Needle' is now situated just a few hundred metres from it's former location, and owned by business magnate Steve 'Stefan' Ackerie, of Stefan Hairfashions.

....World Expo '88's Entertainment budget produced over 30,000 shows at the Expo, with a total audience of over 4.5 million persons.

....Over 6 million passengers rode the Expo's popular free with admission Monorail - which travelled a total of 150,000 kms for the six months of the Expo - or 8,000 complete circuits.

....1 Hour photo shops were all the rage at the Expo - representing the latest in convenience and speed - official Expo camera film sponsor Fuji Film developed over 4 million photographs during Expo at their three Fuji Film Booths - enough photos to cover the total area of the Expo's sun-sails.

....The Expo City Marching Band walked a total of some 5 kms every day of the Expo's six months - and Monorail Attendants walked the equivalent of the distance between Brisbane and Sydney during their work - over 1,000 kms.

....The Expo's LOSTOTS computer data-base helped over 4,000 lost children find their parents during the Expo.


Did you know that.....

19,000 meals were served every hour every Expo day, including...

Over 16 million scoops of ice-cream
17 million hamburgers
1.4 million hot dogs
5 million chicken nuggets
8 million buckets of hot chips
340 trawler loads of seafood
90,000 kgs of spaghetti
the equivalent of 650 family swimming pools of beer