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Design & Construction

Some of Australia's largest construction, design and landscaping firms were responsible for the planning and delivery of the Exposition - that transformed the site from a derelict corner of Brisbane history into a modern, sophisticated and beautiful micropolis - featuring an extensive program of co-ordinated landscaping, art work and water features.

In 1984 the Queensland Government appointed Thiess Watkins Construction Managers for World Expo 88.

Thiess Watkins reported directly to the Expo 88 Executive on all facets of the Design & Construction and worked in close association with the Master Architects Bligh Maccormick 88.

Bligh Maccormick 88 had an office on-site in the years leading up to the construction phase, and employed a large staff including the latest American computer to regularly update the Master Plan for the site.

the terms of a special exposition, the Host Country was required to design and construct all Pavilion accommodation, with the exception of the Australian and Queensland Pavilions, and certain international pavilions.

majority of building accommodation was designed by Bligh Maccormick 88 with the exception of individual buildings listed below.


Pavilions : Bligh Maccormick 88
Monorail Stations : Bligh Maccormick 88
Gates: Bligh Maccormick 88
Ice Cream Parlours : Bligh Maccormick 88
Merchandising : Bligh Maccormick 88 and Les Jones Architects
Landscaping : Laurie Smith and Associates
Boardwalk : Ainsley Bell & Murchison
Information Buildings : Rex Addison and Hume and Webster
Young at Heart and Pacific Lagoon Restaurants : Bligh Robinson
Entertainment Venues : John Simpson
Expo Info Kiosks : James Maccormick and Associates
Queensland Pavilion : Robin Gibson and Partners
Australia Pavilion : Anchor Mortlock Woolley

Brisbane Exposition South Bank Re-Development Authority
Bligh Maccormick 88
Chris Clarke
Noel Park, Steve Knight, Peter Bertram, Howard Kent, Dianna Woods, David Dennis, Klaus Bartosch, Greg Winkel, Phil Tait, Steven Thrum
Thiess Watkins
Thiess Contractors Pty Ltd in association with Harald Muehlberber

This page will soon feature photographs of during this phase of the Exposition.

Information Sourced from interview with James Maccormick MBE, Co-Master Architect of World Expo 88, as well as from 'Architecture Australia' Magazine September 1988 Vol 77 Number 6 p.44 "World Expo 88 - by Micheal Keniger"