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Quotable Quotes!

Expo's leading figures - their thoughts captured in an instant
Sourced from the World Expo '88 Official Newspapers 'The Courier-Mail' and 'The Sunday Mail'.

Sir Llew Edwards, Chair & CEO of the World Expo '88 Authority, puts his mark on the Expo site. Caricature by Ricardo, The Courier-Mail. April 29, 1988. p.57.

April 29, 1988
"We are no longer the deep north and we want to prove this to the world at large."
- former Premier, Sir Joh Bjelke-Petersen, October 19, 1981.

"We want Expo 88 for Queensland, but we won't be able to stage the event without Commonwealth (the Australian Federal Government) backing and co-operation."
- Sir Joh, the same day.

"They haven't said too much yet but if I'm any judge they're rapt."
- Queensland Tourist and Travel Corporation chairman, Sir Frank Moore, after Bureau of International Exposition officials visited Brisbane in 1983.

"The rich get Expo, the poor get homeless."
- Placard at rally to protest about Expo, December 15, 1983.

"That's just what I dreamed of. You build 'em, knock 'em down, then you build 'em, knock 'em down, then you build 'em again."
- Unnamed contractor commenting on the temporary nature of Expo at a planning meeting, March 1, 1984.

"Brisbane will never be the same again."
- Expo chairman, Sir Llew Edwards, soon after his appointment, April 5, 1984.

"It (Expo) will disrupt and destroy a unique community."
- Concerned Citizens Action Group spokesman Richard Carew, 1984.

"The policy this Government has adopted is bordering on organised crime."
- Former independent State member for Callide, Mr Lindsay Hartwig, commenting on the Government's decision to resume properties for Expo, October 22, 1984.

"I don't want Expo at all, at least not in Grey Street. When I think of all the places Sir Joh Bjelke-Petersen could have put it, from Cape York to Coolangatta and out to Birdsville, he had to choose Grey Street."
- Grey Street resident, Leonard McCartney, commenting on having to move for Expo, July 2, 1985.

"Unless the two governments (State and Federal) get together and recognise that they have a crisis on their hands, it (Expo) is going to fail."
- an un-named senior Expo official, March 28, 1987.

"I know it's a short time. I'm just hoping my enthusiasm is going to carry me through that short time and make it possible to do more than would seem humanly possible."
- Academy-award winning designer, John Truscott, Expo creative director, April 17, 1987.

"I guess I could stand the frustration no longer. I really believe they had no idea what they were getting themselves into when they took on Expo."
- Greg Lund, after he was sacked as international participation director, April 13, 1987.

"If the (Australian State Governments) States don't want to come that's their problem."
- Sir Llew, July 18, 1987.

"We are giving them (the States) until the end of August to make a decision."
- Sir Llew, August 12, 1987.

"They (the States) have until the end of this week to make a decision."
- Sir Llew, September 28, 1987.

"New South Wales will be coming to Expo."
- former NSW Premier, Barrie Unsworth, October 3, 1987.
(All other States subsequently joined.)

October 24, 1988

"If they (the Federal Government) are small enough to put me behind some boxes, then that's their problem."
- Former Premier Sir Joh Bjelke-Petersen, finding he would not be on stage for the Expo opening.

"The way things are going we should easily achieve our target of 7.8 million visits."
- Expo Authority chairman Sir Llew Edwards. (Attendance is now likely to be more than 15 million).

"I am a normal human being full of complexes, skinny, old and ugly."
- Spanish crooner Julio Iglesias.

"I saw the band and I thought they must be waiting for some dignitary."
- Expo visitor number 500,000 John Smith of South Australia.

"I'd like to make it absolutely clear to the people of Australia that this is the safest place on earth."
- Sir Llew, after fire destroyed the Alien Encounters ride at World Expo Park.

"Expo is the safest site in Brisbane"
- Sir Llew, after the fifth Expo fire, also in Alien Encounters.

"It has given us one last chance to see the world."
- Mr Bob Catchpole, 79, and wife Emma, 77, plan 100 Expo visits.