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These text resources can be found at the John Oxley Library, State Library of Queensland, Brisbane, and may be able to be viewed at your local Australian Library via a participating Australian Library Inter-Library Loan Request.

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Documents with a » prefix are available to be viewed on-line at the Academic Forum.

The biggest event of Australia's bicentenary : World Expo 88 in Brisbane  
Publication: Bowen Hills, Qld. : Queensland Newspapers, 1988  
Call Number: P 607.34 big  

» World Expo 88 Brisbane Australia 30 April-30 October 1988 : opening ceremony speeches, national day speeches, closing ceremony speeches  
Publication: Brisbane : World Expo 88 Commissioner General 
Call Number: Q A825.3 wor

» Report of the Commissioner General of Expo 88 on the Australian Government's involvement in Expo 88  
Publication:  Brisbane : World Expo 88 Commissioner General
Call Number: Q 607.34 rep  

World Expo 88 Report
Publication: Brisbane : World Expo 88,  
Call Number: Q 607.34 wor  

World Expo 88 : media guide  
Call Number: P 909.828 wor  

Showing off : Queensland at World Expositions 1862-1988
Publication: Central Queensland University Press and the Queensland Museum 2004
Author: Dr Judith McKay, Queensland Museum
Call Number: Q 381.1 M'KA

Some world cities old and new : administrative aspects : a report on overseas study tour July-August 1988 led by Sir
Llewellyn Edwards, chairman of Expo 88 /  
Call Number: Q 352.9418 san  

World Expo 88 : landscape  
Publication: Brisbane : Australian Print Brokers, 1988  
Call Number: P 607.34 wor  

Business news / World Expo 88 Business Visitors Programme  
Main Author: World Expo 88 Business Visitors Programme  
Publication: Brisbane : World Expo 88  
Call Number: S 338.09 001

The Courier-Mail World Expo 88 report  
Publication: Brisbane : Queensland Newspapers Pty. Ltd., 1988  
Call Number: F 607.34 cou  

World Expo 88 : the official souvenir program    
Publication: Sydney : Australian Consolidated Press,  
Call Number: Q 607.34 wor  

World Expo 88 : Australia host nation : official souvenir  
Publication: Brisbane : Sydney G. Hughes, 1988  
Call Number: P 994.064 wor  

Intergovernmental co-operation [videorecording] : World Expo 88  
Publication: Brisbane : Telemission, 1988  
Call Number: HVC 351.943 int  

World Expo 88 : River Stage / compiled by the Entertainment Division, World Expo 88
Call Number: P 792 wor  

That's Entertainment : World Expo 88
Publication: Brett Cochrane (Photographer), 1988
Call Number: GSB 790.209943 1988

World Expo 88 : entertainers' handbook  
Call Number: J 607.34 wor  

World Expo 88 [videorecording] :  
Publication: Brisbane : TVQ Channel 10, 1988  
Call Number: HVC 607.34 wor  

» Expo 88 impact : the impact of World Expo 88 on Queensland's tourism industry / prepared by the National Centre for Studies in Travel and Tourism, James Cook University
Publication:  : Queensland Tourist & Travel Corporation, 1989  
Call Number: P 338 exp

» Trouble with the neighbours : Brisbane's West End and the social consequences of Expo '88 / by Mark Allen, Ken Butler, Nicole Skeltys
Publication: West End, Qld : Southside Urban Research Group,  
Call Number: Q 306.48 all

» The big party syndrome : a study of the impact of special events and inner urban change in Brisbane / prepared by Phil Day on behalf of an Interdisciplinary Study Group working within the Department of Social Work, University of Queensland
Publication: St.Lucia, Qld. : Dept.of Social Work, University of Queensland, 1988  
Call Number: P 306.48 day    

World Expo on stage : April 30-October 30 1988, Performing Arts Complex, Brisbane Australia / edited by Di Buckley  
Publication: Sydney : Patrick L. Vitch & Company,  
Call Number: P 790.2 wor

Now it is all over : paper / by Lola Brownell  
Main Author: Brownell, Lola  
Publication: 1989  
Call Number: VF 607.34 bro

EXPO '88 Act Amendment Act 1987  
Is in: Queensland No.62 1987 Laws, etc.  
Record no: 87714  

Australian pavilion World Expo 88  
Publication: , 1988  
Call Number: P 607.34 aus  

» Sculpture, the World Expo 88 collection
Publication: New Farm, Qld : Philip Bacon Galleries, c1988  
Call Number: Q 735.23 scu  

The human factor of World Expo 88  
Publication: Brisbane : Australian Print Brokers,  
Call Number: P 735.23074 hum  

The Vatican collections : the pavilion of the Holy See at World Expo 88  
Call Number: P 708.5634 vat  

World Expo '88
Internet Resources

* Please note: Foundation Expo '88 has it's own collection of World Expo '88 digital internet resources located on this site's Academic Forum

National Libraries of Australia
View the some 200 listings for Australia-wide collections on World Expo '88

Visit the Wikipedia listing for World Expo '88

Picture Australia - National Library of Australia
Search the national database of images concerning "expo 88" - over 100 photos are on record.

Search Brisbane Images - Brisbane City Council
Some 66 photos in the archives however not as convenient to view as Picture Australia.

State Library of Queensland
Visit the John Oxley Library at the State Library of Queensland (Level 2), Queensland Cultural Centre, South Bank (just next to the former expo site) and ask to see the "World Expo '88" photo collection. There are some several dozen boxes of archived photographs at the Library - in Pavilion and Attraction alphabetical order - the majority of which are in black & white - and some in colour. Every aspect of World Expo '88 - its construction, day-to-day operations, and de-construction was captured by State Photographer, Ms Reina Irmer of the State Library of Queensland. Some of these photographs have also been digitised and are viewable at the State Library of Queensland website.

Stefan Hairdressing - a local Queensland legend - and home of the Expo Symbol Tower - 'Night Companion' - now known as the 'Stefan Sky Needle'
The iconic symbol tower of the Exposition - the 88-metre high 'Night Companion' - now known as the 'Stefan Sky Needle', was purchased by prominent Brisbane
businessman Stefan Ackerie, of the Stefan Hairdressing empire at the conclusion of the Exposition, and was moved 500m down the road to his hairdressing mecca HQ at South Brisbane, where it continues to play a prominent role as one of the only high-rise structures in Brisbane City's South Brisbane and West End districts, and, with the addition of the Stefan trademark rainbow rings at the tower's top, a prominent advertisement for Stefan, and of World Expo '88, in today's Brisbane. The slender platinum-coloured tower's copper and gold top dome and spire light up the night sky most evenings, and on special occasions, one can also view the majestic sweep of the Brisbane skies horizons as the xenon-eye beam of the tower surveys the Brisbane night sky. Stefan's website tells a bit about his empire and his purchase of the Needle. Foundation Expo '88 is lobbying Stefan, Brisbane City Council and other government and private enterprise players for a greater presence at the tower's base, including a possible Museum/Cafe. Keep watching this site for more information.

The Japan Pond & Garden from the Japan Pavilion joins with the Nepal Peace Pagoda, the Stefan Sky Needle, and South Bank Parklands as one of the city's most significant gifts from World Expo '88. A place of quiet respite amidst the buzz of the World Exposition, the Garden was re-located to the Brisbane City Council Mt Cooth-tha Botanic Garden at the conclusion of Expo, where one can now visit every day from 8.30a.m. to 5.00p.m. The Japan Pond & Garden are also venue for the Annual Japan Culture Week in Brisbane, co-ordinated by the Japanese Consulate-General Brisbane, and held annually in August.

Click on the"Japanese Garden" to see a 360 degree tour of the re-located Japanese Garden from the Japan Pavilion.

The company that brought you the opening and closing ceremonies of the XIIth Commonwealth Games, Brisbane, 1982, as well as of the L.A. Olympics 1984, Barcelona Olympics 1992, and Sydney Olympics 2000. Run by entertainment wizard, Mr Ric Birch, Birch also was the head of the Entertainment Division for World Expo '88, administering and developing the division's $AUD25 million budget.

Some of the flags and banners designed for World Expo '88

A history of car number plates in Queensland - including special editions done for World Expo '88 and the Bi-Centenary

Visit the designers of the USA Pavilion, World Expo '88 - The Douglas Group

Visit Vista Arts - designers of the UN Pavilions at Expo '86 and Expo '88. Nice photos.

Visit the Bureau of International Expositions' (B.I.E. Paris) web-page on World Expo '88 - from the horse's mouth

Designers of the Queensland Pavilion, World Expo '88 can be found at this address.

This is the Queensland Government Corporation that took over running of the Exposition site after the expo's closure, originally as part of B.E.S.B.R.A. - the official title of the Expo Authority - the Brisbane Exposition and South Bank Redevelopment Authority. Managing the beautiful South Bank Parklands, and its diverse designer elements of tropical rainforest and formal gardens, BBQ-areas, rock pools, a magnificient man-made salt water beach, coffee shops, restaurants, at the Parklands 'eastern corridor' engagement with the Brisbane River foreshore, and leading to medium and high-rise residential, office and hotel space at the site's western corridor, parallel with the QR City Train network, the Parklands is one of the most popular parks in Queensland, and hosts, amongst other features, in a new re-situated site facing the Brisbane River, one of the only Participant-made Pavilions of the Expo still remaining at the former Expo site - the popular Nepal Peace Pagoda - a pemanent sentinel of the good will and cheer of World Expo '88 - and one of Brisbane City's most significant World Expo '88 heritage items. Visit the South Bank website, and visit South Bank today!

World Expositions
Internet Resources

Official web-site of the formed in 1928 Bureau of International Expositions, B.I.E., Paris.
Some interesting archival material as well as visiting the HQ of all expositions - it's worth a visit
Commemorative home of the first Exhibition in London in 1851. Queen Victoria

An interesting site on Expo '58 with nice interactive map of the fair.

A history of electricity at World's expositions

Everything you wanted to know about the New York's World Fair of the 60s.

The definitive guide to Vancouver's Expo 86 - well designed and a pleasure to browse.

English version of the Expo '92 web-site developed and run by Expo aficionado and Expo author of "Seville Expo '92 - The Stories Never Told" - the young and talented Mr Angel Arumburu Gordon. Extensive links and photos.

Link to the Wikipedia listing for Expo '93.

Another interesting link to Taejon Expo '93 - a Japanese site with pre-opening computer images of the Expo site - quite authentic.

Another interesting site by Angel Arumburu Gordon - this time on Lisbon's International Exposition of 1998 with the oceans as it's theme.

A veritable warehouse of Expo references from the Smithsonian Institute intern Cathy Serafica, entitled "Revisiting World's Fairs and International Expositions:A Selected Bibliography, 1992 - 1999."

An excellent overview of the World exposition system by two Expo veterans. Some in depth papers also make good reading.

Search the photographic archives of the American National Gallery of Art. Some excellent images, well presented. Quite nostalgic. Well worth a visit.

Canada at World Expositions - also a peek at Canada at 2005 Aichi Japan.

Australia's representation at Aichi 2005 Japan.

"The Worlds Fair and Exposition Information and Reference Guide - General World's Fair and Exposition References" - makes interesting surfing...

A commemorative foundation for the 1990 International Flower Exposition "Hana-haku", sited in Osaka, Japan

Who could miss out on a visit to "World's Fairs", once the pre-eminent published magazine by expo expert extraordinaire Alfred Heller on everything in the World Exposition system, now relegated to the Internet.

Another excellent link to another mammoth exposition bibliography - “International Exhibitions, Expositions Universelles and World’s Fairs, 1851-1951: A Bibliography". Viewable as a PDF file - light summer reading!

Part of a site on international exposition flags - features the B.I.E. flag (and others)

A german language site - Exposeum - the Museum of Hannover Expo 2000

Official site for Aichi 2005 Japan

View some of the spectacular images of the B.I.E.'s collection of Expo 2005

Read the BIE Day at Aichi 2005 page - and the Awards given for Pavilions, and adherence to the Exposition Theme

Official site for the 2008 World Exposition - Water and Sustainable Development - in Zaragoza, Spain

Meet Mascot for Zaragoza Expo 2008 - 'Fluvi'! (Jan 26, 2006)

Official site for Shanghai 2010 P.R.C.

Press-Release: Shanghai World Expo 2010 HQ site established (June 29, 2006)
42-story chimney toppled for the new Building

View the International Communication & Promotion Plan for Shanghai World Expo 2010

Who Should Get Expo 2012? The list is growing longer and longer! Tangier, Morocco; New York, U.S.A.; Trieste, Italy, amongst others line up....Visit ExpoMuseum's line-up.....

The official site for the Yeosu, Korea, bid for 2012

Istanbul, Turkey; San Francisco, USA, and Turin, Italy are all fighting it out for 2015.

Visit the definitive guide and one of the foremost discussion forums on world expositions and expo repository, and become a member!