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The Expo Food Fantasy
The World Meets at Expo

World Expo '88 was pivotal not only because of the significant impact it had on Brisbane City's retailing laws - especially where we now expect 7-day trading - but also - it significantly raised our expectations of international service with regards to the restaurant/cafe industry as well.

Brisbanites could have a choice of over 50 different restaurants of foods and flavours from all over the world - not only in many of the international Pavilions - but also in Expo Authority and private enterprise ventures - and all open 7 days a week 10am to 10pm. And in fact, some of these experiences - the Munich Festhaus, the Picasso Spanish Restaurant, the Britannia Inn and so on - have become a permanent part of culinary Brisbane today.

So the legacy given to us just from the food and catering aspects of World Expo '88 has been quite considerable.

And South Bank Parklands today - the transformed World Expo '88 site - reflects the public's enjoyment of Expo as a food venue with its numerous fastfood outlets, cafes, restaurants, pubs and icecream stalls - at the variety Australian pub restaurants - The Ship Inn, and The Plough Inn (two of Expo's pre-existing heritage listed buildings); the flavours of Turkey, Japan, Greece, Vietnam, China, Italy, Lebanon, and India - at Ahmet's Turkish Cuisine and Mado's Delights of Turkey, Ginga Japanese Restaurant, Kapsali Greek Restaurant, Viet de Lites, Wang Dynasty, Cafe San Marco, and the Gandhi Curry House and Chez Laila - located at the Brisbane riverside most popular World Expo '88 al fresco eatery - now a permanent part of South Bank Parklands - 'The Board Walk', with its signature verandahs overlooking a spectacular river City, and gently lapping sounds of the Brisbane River by a hedged mangrove rampart.

Other memories of the food fantasy of World Expo '88 that have faded into popular World Expositions history were the Pacific Village Lagoon Restaurants - including the fine dining of the Pacific Village (Islands of the Pacific), Lockwood Lodge (New Zealand) and Tsuruya (Japan) - each within their own handcrafted pavilions around the rim of the Pacific Lagoon near the centre of the Expo site, as well as that of Picasso Restaurant (Spain) amidst the sophistication and cosmopolitan European Boulevard and Times Square, and Terrace (Switzerland) Restaurant featuring inside the artificially cooled snow wonderland of the Swiss Pavilion - with regional Chefs and specialities from each of the Swiss cantons; and the USSR Pavilion Restaurant 'Troika', which featured the finest of Moscow cuisine prepared by some of Moscow's finest Chefs.

Finally, the best of Queensland seafood could be savoured at the permanently moored Kookaburra Queen steam boat restaurant - which still can be boarded today for fine dining lunch, afternoon tea and dinner cruises in Brisbane; the 1,300 seater Bavarian Village fantasy of the Munich Festhaus - the largest restaurant on site - with its lederhosen attendants, sauerkraut and sausage, and Bavarian brass band almost always permanently in party mode to one of the Expo's most popularly remembered dance-songs 'the chicken dance' (!), which would incessantly engage innocent strangers to embrace one another - beer tankard in one hand - and in dance the other - and keep in time with the dance's ever-increasing tempo; and who can forget the Americana Food Village - a cultural smorgasboard of food, drink, and beverages from Hollywood, Honolulu, New York, New Orleans or Anchorage - each with their own themed hut order counters, menus and staff, by World Expositions catering veteran, Chuck Sanders of Sanders International Ventures Ltd.

Want to know more? Here is the list of all the restaurants, takeaways, and cafes at Expo: courtesy of the World Expo '88 Official Guide Book, ACP Publications.

International Pavilions
CANADA: The Provinces. Family Restaurant, licensed, seats 75 inside, 125 outside
CHINA: Chinese Fast Food. Family Restaurant, licensed.
CYPRUS: Cyprus Pavilion. Foods to go, licensed.
HUNGARY: Budapest Restaurant. Family Restaurant, licensed, seats 50
KOREA: Seoul Restaurant. Family Restaurant, licensed.
MALAYSIA: Sate Ria. Foods to go, unlicensed, freestanding tables.
NEPAL: Sano Pagodas (2). Foods to go, unlicenced.
NEW ZEALAND: Lockwood Lodge. Buffeteria, licensed, seats 220. Also an ice-cream outlet offering foods to go.
PAKISTAN: Pakistani Fast Food: Foods to go, unlicenced.
PHILIPPINES: Philippines Buffeteria: Buffeteria, licensed
SINGAPORE: Tiger Garden. Family Restaurant, licensed, seats 40
SPAIN: Picasso Restaurant. Fine Dining, licensed, seats 75. Tapas Bar - family restaurant, licensed, seats 80.
SRI LANKA: Sri Lankan Restaurant. Foods to go, licensed.
SWITZERLAND: The Terrace. Fine Dining, licensed.
UNION OF SOVIET SOCIALIST REPUBLICS: The Troika. Fine Dining, licensed, seats 270 - indoor and outdoor.
UNITED KINGDOM: The Britannia Inn. Tavern/Inn, licensed, seats 74 inside, 226 outside.
UNITED STATES OF AMERICA: Americana Food Village. Food plaza, seats 800.
YUGOSLAVIA: Dubrovnik Restaurant. Family Restaurant, licensed.

Corporate Pavilions
Dry Dock Deli: Family Restaurant, licensed.
Primary Industries: Food Plaza. Unlicensed, seats 50.

Food Concessions: Bistro
Staff Bistro (Entertainment House). Bistro, licensed, seats 300, open 24 hours, adjacent to the Plaza.
Staff Bistro (Media House). Bistro, licensed, seats 220, located behind Young at Heart

The Ultimate Buffet
All-u-can-Eat one trip. Buffeteria, licensed, seats 120 inside, seating also available in Boardwalk common area, located in the Boardwalk area.

Family Restaurant
BBQ 88: Family Restaurant, licensed, seats 350, located at Young at Heart
COLLINS PLACE SPAGHETTI HOUSE: Family Restaurant, licensed, seats 150, located in Collins Place
GALAXY RESTAURANT: Family Restaurant, licensed, seats 428 insde, 105 outside, located at World Expo Park
STAR TERRACE RESTAURANT: Family Restaurant, licensed, seats 356 inside, 324 outside, located at World Expo Park
THE LOOKABOUT REEF AND BEEF: Family restaurant, licensed, seats 150, located in the Boardwalk

Fine Dining
Fine dining top deck, licensed, seats 200, located adjacent to the Boardwalk
Fine dining, licensed, seats 250, located at the Pacific Lagoon
Fine dining, licensed, seats 120, located at the Pacific Lagoon

Food Plaza
Food plaza, licensed, seating available at the Boardwalk common area, located at the Boardwalk
Food plaza, licensed, seats approximately 1,200 persons, located at Young at Heart

Foods to Go
Foods to go, licensed, seating in the Boardwalk common area, located at the Boardwalk
Foods to go, unlicensed, seating for 50 nearby, located at World Expo Park
Foods to go, unlicensed, seating for 50 nearby, located at World Expo Park
Foods to go, unlicensed, located Arcade near Australia's Opal Mining Showcase
Foods to go, unlicensed, located at World Expo Park
Foods to go, unlicensed, 13 french fry mobiles, 8 hot dog mobiles, 4 ice cream mobiles, located all around the site
Foods to go, licensed, seating available in Boardwalk common area, located at the Boardwalk
Foods to go, unlicensed, seating for 50 nearby, located World Expo Park

Ice Cream Parlour
Ice-Cream Parlours. Ice-cream parlours, unlicensed, four locations

Tavern/Inn, licensed, seats 385, located opposite Young at Heart
Tavern/Inn. Licensed, seats 1,200 persons, near Media House
Tavern/Inn. Licensed, seats 490, located near Time Square.
Tavern/Inn. Fine dining, Disco, licensed, seats 100 - seafood restaurant, seats 100 - courtyard -deli, seats 40 - coffee shop, open 24 hours, located adjacent to World Expo 88 House.

With Kind Thanks to Australian Consolidated Press