I'm looking through my Expo books

"Official Souvenir Program"

I slowly close my eyes

And there I am

It is night time and the lights are there

Beautiful and bright

The fireworks are crackling

Music fills the night

But daytime is so special too

I recall you and I one day

Eating those foot long baguettes

As we watched

The lunchtime parade

Getting stamps was our main desire

And seeing the pavilions

We waited hours sometimes

But were never disappointed

Do you remember the frilled lizard?

The sculptures that they made?

The human factor figures

And the brilliant Aquacade?

Did you pick up the gold in WA?

See the "friendship capsules" in Japan?

See the bear in California

Or get bitten by the croc in Queensland?

The food was beautiful

Being with you was fun

Seeing "Fujitsu" was eye-opening

The whole carnival was enjoyed by everyone.

Pavilion of Promise


Singers, dancers

Balloons, faces

Ice-creams, flags

Smiles, places

Queues, fun, Expo Oz

Fireworks, food

Nations, pool

Acrobats, parades, planes

Rides, sculptures, lights

Costumes, pavilions

Guitars, music, reflections

EXPO 88!

Leisure, beauty, orchids

Technology, chocolate

Love, warmth, water, sky

Atmosphere, friendship, gold

Trees, culture, stamps, insects

Cars, robots, jewels, BLIGHS FOLLIES

Lasers, clowns, echidnas, Tassie tigers

Plaza, fountains, restaurants, hot springs

These are the things

That Expo brings.