O U N D A T I O N   E X P O  ' 8 8
Progressing the World Expo '88 Vision
- A non-government not-for-profit entity celebrating Brisbane's World Expo '88 -

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The Foundation Expo '88 Gift Shop

In conjunction with


You can select a wide variety of customizable merchandise
- celebrating and commemorating World Expo '88 - and the 20th Anniversary - right here at the Foundation Expo '88 Gift Shop.

Purchase In Store at Image Plus Digital Imaging Indooroopilly Shoppingtown - or - Online at TShirt Studio England.

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Your online order is 24/7 and is processed by TShirt Studio England within 5-7 days of purchase - and world-wide delivery is free!

Your purchase helps provide a valuable contribution to Foundation Expo '88's activities and scope.

For in store orders, visit Image Plus Digital Imaging Indooroopilly at Indooroopilly Shoppingtown, select your graphic/s of choice (as here), and choose from a wide variety of merchandise - made for you on the spot! For online orders, right-click and save your graphic/s of choice and click on the TShirt Studio logo to select your gift, customize, and order!

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1988-2008 20th Anniversary of World Expo '88 2008 Calendars Now Available Using These Images Here at Cafe Press