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- Celebrating Brisbane's World Expo '88 and Australia at World Expositions -

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Front of the Australia Pavilion, World Expo '88
Copyright and Courtesy Brisbane City Council Image # BCC-T120-1294-1

For photographs of participating art work at the Exposition, visit Art

For photographs of the present day expo-site and surrounds, the now popular South Bank Parklands, visit HERE

Note the listed Brisbane City Council images (in bold text) for special high-resolution photographs

NOTE: These images are Copyright of the respective named owners

1. Official Guide Map World Expo '88 - State Government of Queensland and Cato Purnell Partners
13. Front of USA Pavilion - ACP Publishing
24. Expo sunsails during construction
29. Expo City Marching Band - Greg Keogh
51. River Stage and Opening Ceremony balloon Flags of the World - Reina Irmer, State Photographer, State Library of Queensland

'Expo Oz' in the Expo Day Parade
Image Courtesy and Copyright Brisbane City Council # BCC-T35-281