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33. The 88-metre "Night Companion" (1988)
Based on a sculpture by Robert Owen and interpreted by Charles Sutherland
Steel / fibreglass / stone / concrete / polypropylene / copper
H: 8800mm
Sponsors - M.I.M. Holdings Ltd, Hardy Iplex, Newsteel Pty. Ltd.

This photo taken of 'Night Companion' whilst at the Exposition site 1988

The 'Night Companion' or 'Sky Needle' as it is sometimes called, was purchased by prominent Brisbane hairdressing entrepreneur businessman Stefan Ackerie after the closure of the Exposition. Still a prominent feature in Brisbane's skyline, the Sky Needle was re-located to Stefan's hairdressing mecca HQ some 700 metres away from the tower's original site at World Expo '88.

Photo by Graham John

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