O U N D A T I O N   E X P O  ' 8 8
Progressing the World Expo '88 Vision
- A non-government not-for-profit entity celebrating Brisbane's World Expo '88 -

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 30. The popular "Kookaburra Queen" paddle-steamer travels along the Expo reach of the Brisbane River.

One can also see here the popular River Stage, with white world globe atop;
the several pyramid, sphere, and cube art installations on the River itself, called the 'cubisitic flotilla',
as well as the 38-metre high work in silver finish, 'Paradigm', by U.S. artist Jon Barlow Hudson, in image foreground right.
In background, the 88-metre symbol tower of the Expo, 'Night Companion', hovers above.

The monorail track, tropical fish blimps in the sky high above, and the roller-coasters
of the adjoining 'World Expo Park' fun park, fill in the picture.