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3. Aerial View of the Expo site
One of a series of Official Postcards of World Expo '88 - Postcard  Papermoon
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Postcard Aerial
                  View of World Expo '88

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From here, one can see the distinctive sun-sails that provided shade from the Queensland sun and the meandering track of the monorail. At the very right of the image, at the centre of the card, one can see the the L-shaped Canada Pavilion, (with the colourful Sensus Play Area beside) and to the left of that the Expo North Monorail Station, and the light orange-brown roof of the Munich Festhaus (Bavarian-themed Tavern/Restaurant, seating 1,300 persons). Below the image of the Munich Festhaus is the rectangular shaped USSR pavilion, then, to the left of that, one can see a semi-circular green lawn with stage in front (globe on top) - this is the popular venue for the World Expo '88 River Stage - venue for rock, pop, classical, theatre, National Day Ceremony Concerts, and the daily 10.00p.m. laser and fireworks show, and more.

Behind the River Stage one can see two large rectangle structures - one larger than the other - the white roof belonging to the Queensland and TVO Pavilions, and the light orange-brown roof and pastel colour semi-circular rims, belonging to the Australia Pavilion - the roof of the Pavilion evoking the shape and colours of Australia's most famous natural landmark - Uluru.

Further behind, one can see the bronze metallic circular base of the 88-metre Expo Tower 'Night Companion', with it's slender silver finish, xenon beam eye, and copper-and-gold dome and spire. The xenon beam lamp of the tower lit up the Brisbane skies every evening of the Exposition.

Behind the Night Companion, are the pavilions of the Australian states of New South Wales, Western Australia, and Victoria, and further behind that, one can see part of the $52 million World Expo Park - a traditional fun park with some hi-tech additions and a 'space-theme' (site now occupied by the Brisbane Convention and Exhibition Centre).

To the left of the River Stage, are the pavilions of the Federal Republic of Germany, and France, in an L-shaped block, left of that
are the pavilions of the UK and Italy, and to that left of that again is the USA Pavilion.

Behind the USA Pavilion, at the back of the expo site, one can see faintly the dark green tops of a tropical palm tree oasis - this is part of the Pacific Lagoon, and to the
immediate right of that, is the Pavilion of Japan.

In the middle are the pavilions of Greece, Spain, the EC, Republic of Korea, and behind that are the pavilions of Cyprus and
Pakistan, Hungary, and the Japan Technoplaza (the Saitama and Kobe regional governments and private Japanese corporations led by JETRO - the Japan External Trade Organisation). Other international and corporate Pavilions are located in this zone, with the Expo Aquacade's light blue finish and stands visible in the very bottom left of the image.

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