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Progressing the World Expo '88 Vision
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48. Part of the neon ceiling wonderland of 'Times Square'
Photo courtesy of Russell Stokes, Format Photographics

The neon ceiling of Times Square was one of the largest neon installations in the world. On the theme of 'Time', the rapidly pulsing and changing coloured neon-light patterns were an Expo evening sight to see - and were located in the centre of the Expo site, near the popular European Boulevard, and the Pavilions of the USA, Spain, Fujitsu, amongst others. The intricate neon matrix was 7.5km long, and was designed by Ken Cato, also author of the World Expo '88 sunsails logo. The heritage listed building in the foreground was built in 1885 and housed the Expo's official bank, Westpac Banking Corporation, Australia's oldest bank (formerly known as the Bank of New South Wales), where Banking and Bureau de Change facilities were provided for staff and visitors alike.

Some evening images of the popular Times Square

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