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49. Inside the Japan Pavilion's 'Communication Plaza'
Photos courtesy of Russell Stokes, Format Photographics

The Communication Plaza was located in the centre of the Pavilion, and consisted of a large carpeted plaza, and podium space for numerous live cultural events, including a 13-minute 'to music' documentary on Japan. The three central screens were the debut of High Definition TV to Australia, and they were surrounded by 18 slide projection screens - an impressive composite, used to great effect. The Plaza was also home to other activities, an immensely popular High Definition TV computer car racing game, where two 1988-technology computer game consoles and two volunteers from the Plaza took centre stage, as well as the perennially energetic dance and song troupe 'Dancing Beat Japan', who rendered traditional and contemporary Australian and Japanese songs into a 20-minute variety performance. These photographs are indicative of audiences in the early day or very late evening at the Expo - often the Plaza was fully-seated, with some standing room only at the back of the Plaza. A VIP viewing room for special guests to the Pavilion was located at the Plaza's upper back split-level.

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