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45. Aerial view of the City of Brisbane and the Expo site, c. 1988
Photo courtesy of Russell Stokes, of Format Photographics

Here one can see quite clearly the major features of Brisbane - first of all, the Brisbane River that meanders through the centre of the City, then, the Story Bridge on the far left that connects Kangaroo Point with Fortitude Valley, then, the central business district, and, on the right-hand side several white structures are visible, which largely form the Expo site on the left hand-side of the Victoria Bridge, and the Queensland Cultural Centre on the right hand-side.

The tallest building in the picture is the white-coloured obelisk-shaped Central Plaza One, designed by internationally renowned Japanese architect, Kurokawa Kisho. This business centre has a height of 173 metres and is the 73rd tallest building in the world.

Brisbane is the capital of Queensland, the second largest state in the Commonwealth of Australia, and has nearly half the poplulation of the state, at 1.6 million persons.

It is the third largest city in Australia after Sydney (4m) and Melbourne (3.5m).

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[The previous image is a high-resolution photograph from the excellent Brisbane City Council collection,
of the Expo site and sun-sails under construction. Please use the Photos page to navigate between these high-resolution images]