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Progressing the World Expo '88 Vision
- A non-government not-for-profit entity celebrating Brisbane's World Expo '88 -

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27. The World Expo '88 Official Logos

Image reproduced courtesy of Cato Purnell Partners, designers of the logo

The image cleverly incorporates the location of the site, on the banks of the Brisbane River, by the wavy blue line at the lower part of the logo, with the design of one of the iconic sun-sails divided into the six main areas of entertainment at the World Exposition, namely, (from left to right); circus, the visual arts, marching bands, music, the performing arts, and the sun which shines on the expo site, reminding guests that the expo is taking place in Queensland, also known as the "Sunshine State."

The expo logo was a key feature in unifying the expo identity and giving it an instantly recognizable trademark, and was universally popular and accepted.

The logo joined the also well known wire frame boomerang globe logo, in representing Expo both at home and overseas, noted here.
Both logos were used interchangeably during the lead-up to, and during phases of the Expo.

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