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'The Courier-Mail'

The Courier-Mail is Brisbane's pre-eminent daily newspaper, a household feature in Brisbane homes since the early days of the European settlement when it was known as the Moreton Bay Courier. It changed names several times and became 'The Courier-Mail', already well known by it's signature gothic-type masthead, in 1933.

Under the 'Queensland Newspapers' group - a member of the Rupert Murdoch 'News Corporation' empire - 'The Courier-Mail' was joint-official newspaper of World Expo '88 with the 'Sunday Mail', and also hosted its own Pavilion - the Qld. News Pavilion - adjacent to the Pavilion of the United States of America. The group also printed the Official Daily Entertainment Guides for the World Expo, which were freely given at the Exposition's main entrances - noting each Pavilion and Expo Authority Entertainment Division entertainment. The behind-the-scenes work of putting 'The Courier-Mail' to press - and Queensland Newspaper's other publications - as well as the future of newspapers - a computer electronic newspaper display - was the focus of the Queensland Newspaper's Pavilion at World Expo '88.

The familiar World Expo '88 boomerang logo, as noted in 2 May 1988 edition below (just two days after the Official Opening of the Expo), joined the masthead of these papers from 1986 - a herald in a sense of the prominence of World Expo '88 in Queensland's popular culture from even two years before the Expo's start.

Other publications of the Queensland Newspapers Group also included:

. 'Expo Inside' - a three-part bi-monthly bumper supplement colour magazine format publication on World Expo '88 news for the six months prior to the Expo's opening.
. 'The Courier-Mail World Expo '88 Report' - published 24 February 1988 - a $AUD1.00 supplement 40-page colour magazine format publication, including project materials and activities for students.
. 'Sunday' Special Expo Edition - a supplement 56-page colour magazine format publication as part of 'The Sunday Mail' color magazine, published 24 April 1988.
. 'Expo Week' - a weekly Monday supplement colour magazine format publication for every week of the 26-weeks of Expo, including newspaper format 'Expo Guide', including general Expo information, and entertainment program guide for that week.

HERE and throughout this site, you will find the Foundation's compilation of World Expo '88 resources as published in 'The Courier-Mail' and 'Sunday Mail' prior to and during the World Exposition - sourced from the Goward Collection of Foundation Expo '88 - and digitised and published to the Foundation Expo '88 web-site and Yahoo! Photos by Foundation Expo '88.

This compilation includes the following pages:

. 'Expo Today' - a compilation of the popular daily 'Expo Today' column of these newspapers, where highlights of each day's entertainment and tally estimates of previous day's, and cumulative, attendance to the Expo were published.

. 'Quotable Quotes' - a compilation of some of the caricatures and memorable quotes of the leading figures of World Expo '88. (under development)

. 'Trivia Trivia Trivia' - a compilation of odd-ball statistics of World Expo '88.

. 'With thanks to our Sponsors' - a compilation of advertisements for World Expo '88 - a trip back in time!

. 'Articles from the Press' - a compilation of journalist articles on World Expo '88 stories, hosted at Yahoo! Photos. A slide-show chronological page-by-page viewing of the most important stories from the Exposition. (under development)

With special thanks to the Goward Collection of Foundation Expo '88, and the Queensland Newspapers Group

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