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The Piazza

The octagonal performance space known as the "Piazza" was one of the most popular live performance arts venues at the Exposition. Well known for it's radiant 'sun' animation on it's painted circle-stage, the venue could host 1,000 persons seated with room for 2,000 more standing, and up to 500 in the balconies.

Co-ordinated by Director David Hamilton, the Piazza featured a wide range of talent from dance to sport to theatre and circus, the Piazza accommodated 10 30-minute performances per each day of the Exposition, and had a performance budget of $AUD 2 million.

Covered by the iconic sun-sails of the exposition, the success of the Piazza venue lives on today in the present Southbank Parklands in the re-located 'Suncorp Piazza' - just near the Nepal Peace Pagoda.

The Expo City Marching Band performs at the Piazza : Photograph courtesy of
Ric Birch, Head of the Entertainment Division

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