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About World Expo '88

The World Expo '88 Heritage Trail
AND The World Expo '88 Network Guide Pamphlet!
DOWNLOAD The World Expo '88 Network Guide Pamphlet Edition 2023 HERE!

Map of Brisbane City Central Business District with thanks to Peter W Wilkins, Wilkins Tourist Maps
Visit http://www.wilmap.com.au

The World Expo '88 Heritage Trail and the Brisbane World Expo '88 Network Guide Pamphlet are two initiatives of Foundation Expo '88 that celebrate our rich World Expositions heritage.

Do a 'virtual visit' of the Trail's path and hyperlinks today - and download the Network Guide Pamphlet - you'll get the chance to whet your appetite for your visit to Brisbane City to follow the Trail/Guide in person - and you'll also get to view and visit some of the City's excellent cultural infrastructure - many of which are also for free!

Walk Part 1 - Works 1,2,3,4

1. Gidon Graetz "Mirage"
    Inside Brisbane Arcade, Queen Street Mall
    * Enjoy this beautifully restored Art Deco arcade

    Brisbane City Hall King George Square
    * Also pay a visit to the new Museum of Brisbane, inside City Hall. Admission is Free.

    Roma Street Forum
    * This space is popular for social justice rallies and marches.

Walk through Roma Street Railway Station to the new Roma Street Parklands and the next work, at the northern most tip of the Park. At the platforms entrance to Roma Street Station, pick up automatic station platform ticket (free) - and continue to walk through the Station until you reach the last Exit - on the left. Exit the Station, cross Taxi Rank, and walk towards Park escalators, at top turn 180 deg and you will soon see the Parkland Cafe 'melangè'. If you are doing the Full Day Walk, this is the time to have a meal-stop and break! Continue walking straight ahead till the end of the Park, and you will soon see the Park Exit and Carpark. You are nearly there. 

    Roma Street Parklands Visitors Carpark

Option [End Walk 1]: End walk here, return to the Park Entrance and have a bite to eat and drink at the popular 'melangè' cafe. Their raisin fruit bread and coffee is highly recommended! This will then return you to the centre of the City and work number 1. Start the second part of the walk - from work number 5 - on another day!

Option [Full Day Walk]: 
Continue from work number 4 and re-enter the Roma Street Parklands - walking up to the upper left end of the park and you will exit on College Road. Turn left noting the Victorian architecture of Brisbane Grammar School up on your right, then continue walking left till you arrive at Countess Street at the next intersection. Turn left again down Countess Street until you arrive at the Grey Street (or William Jolly) Bridge. Cross the Bridge to South Brisbane, passing by the famous Dinosaur Garden (free to enter and browse) entrance to the Queensland Museum.

The Museum is part of the award-winning Queensland Cultural Centre designed by renowned Brisbane architect Robin Gibson featuring the State Library, Museum, Art Gallery and the Queensland Performing Arts Complex (known as QPAC) - containing the 2000-seat Lyric Theatre, 1850-seat Concert Hall, 850-seat Playhouse, and the 312-seat Cremorne Theatre. The site will also soon play host to the new 'Queensland Gallery of Modern Art', which is presently under construction and part of the Queensland Government's 'Millennium Arts Project'.

With the exception of special exhibitions, entrance to the State Library, Queensland Museum and Art Gallery is free.

Turn right into Melbourne Street - in the distance you should be able to see the next work - the Stefan Skyneedle. Continue walking until you arrive at the corner of Manning Street and Melbourne Street. The base of the Skyneedle can be viewed from the street. There is an Italian Pasta/Coffee/and Cake shop just near across the road from the intersection of Manning and Melbourne Streets - duck in here for some 'worth enough to travel to Italy' for - Tiramisu - and freshly brewed coffee. 

Walk Part 2 - Works 5,6,7,8

5. Robert Owen/Charles Sutherland "Night Companion" (can be seen from a distance)
Now known as the 'Stefan Sky Needle' - the footprint of this work is located in the car park of the Stefan Hairdressing Empire H.Q., at the corners of Melbourne and Manning Street, West End. The car park is closed to the general public - if you wish to observe this work close at hand, an excellent view of the base of the structure is available from the street. The work is slightly raised higher here than it's height at Expo.

Facing the City, walk to the right along Melbourne Street until you pass by the new Cultural Centre BusWay station. 
Turn right and walk along the SouthBank Parklands Entrance Forecourt, turn towards the riverside, and continue walking along the riverside Boulevard. Soon on your immediate right you will see the next work - the Nepalese Peace Pagoda.

6. The Nepalese Peace Pagoda (only remaining Pavilion from World Expo '88 at South Bank)
    South Bank Parklands    

You are now in the former Exposition precinct. Walk along the new South Bank Boulevard, stopping for a swim at the salt-water artificial beach - it's fun!

Keep walking along the 'Energex Arbour Boulevard' - with it's wonderful signature mauve bouganvillea vines and steel tendrils - past the entrance to the Goodwill Bridge, and follow the path along
the riverside for the next few hundred metres. You will see the next group of primary-coloured artworks, in steel, playfully arching into the  river, footpath and stairwells.  

7. Peter D. Cole "Man & Matter"
    Various works along the Kangaroo Point City Boardwalk

Walk back towards the new Goodwill Bridge from the Maritime Museum to the Botanic Gardens. Walk through the Queensland University of Technology campus to the State Parliament of Queensland (a lovely building in itself - constructed in 1868), enter the Botanic Gardens from the Parliament House entrance - the next work is in front of you on the right.

    Brisbane City Botanic Gardens
    * Enjoy this last work in the tranquility of the Botanic Gardens. Follow the signs to the Café for a cool drink.

Please Note:  Walk 1 (works 1,2,3,4) will take about 3 hours, at a fairly sedentary pace, and also includes some up-hill walking - only persons of reasonable fitness level should attempt it. Walk 2 (works 5, 6, 7, 8) will also take approximately 3 hours. Why not do one walk one weekend - the other another day? And, don't forget to do the Queensland 'slip, slop, slap' - slip on a shirt, slop on sunscreen and slap on a hat - and BYO water!

Things to Do
Each work has a commemorative plaque stating it's role in World Expo '88 - bend over and take a closer look!, 

Have a break by visiting some of the cultural venues along the way!

And don't forget to ask someone for directions if needed!

Admission to the majority of cultural venues noted on this trail is FREE

* Please ring in advance if you wish to take part in a tour

Foundation Expo '88 gives no warranty in relation to the data (including accuracy, reliability, completeness or suitability) and accepts no liability (including without limitation, liability in negligence)  for any loss, damage or costs (including consequential damage) relating to any use of the data.

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