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A Proposal for the 32nd Olympiad and 2020 Universal Exposition - expo2020lympiad uluru
A Proposal to create a new city of 200,000 in the heart of the Australian continent, a world capital for Indigenous Studies and Public Policy, and a joint Olympic Games and Universal Exposition.
Commemorating the 250th Anniversary of the Proclamation of the Annexation of Australia 1770 - 2020

Sent as a text email communique to the following parties on 24 May 2006 A.D.
TO: The Honourable Mr Gary Hardgrave, MP, Federal Member for Moreton
The Honourable Mr Alexander Downer, MP, Minister for Foreign Affairs
The Honourable De-Anne Kelly, Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister for Trade
The Honourable Mr Peter Beattie, MP, Premier of Queensland
The Honourable Mr Morris Iemma, MP, Premier of New South Wales
The Honourable Mike Rann MP, Premier of South Australia
The Honourable Mr Paul Lennon, MP Premier of Tasmania
The Honourable Mr Steve Bracks, MP, Premier of Victoria
The Honourable Mr Alan Carpenter MLA, Premier of Western Australia
Chief Minister for the Australian Capital Territory The Honourable Mr Jon Stanhope
The Honourable Clare Martin MLA, Chief Minister for the Northern Territory
Executive Members of the Norfolk Island Government
Chief Executive Officer - Uluru-Katajuta National Park
Chief Executive Officer - Ayers Rock Resort, Uluru, The GPT Group
Mayor of Alice Springs, Her Worship the Mayor Fran Kilgariff
Lord Mayor of Darwin, The Honourable Mr Peter Adamson
Chief Executive Officer, Australian Olympic Committee
Director, Professor Peter Fricker, OAM, Australian Institute of Sport, Canberra
Mayor Councillor Ron Clarke, Gold Coast City Council
Minister for the Immigration and Multicultural Affairs, Senator the Honourable Amanda Vanstone
DoCITA Minister, Senator the Honourable Helen Noonan
Minister for Arts and Sport, Senator the Honourable Rod Kemp
Australia Council, Chairman David Gonski AO
think! OTS Media
Mr James Maccormick, MBE
Dr Judith McKay, Queensland Museum
Mr Fred Maybury, Qld Government
Mr Tom Veivers, Australian Government
Sir Llewellyn Edwards, Chancellor, University of Queensland; Lady Jane Edwards, Consul-General, Consulate-General of the Republic of France, Brisbane
Ms Sally-anne Atkinson, Former Lord Mayor of Brisbane, ABC Childcare
Executive Director, Queensland Olympic Council
Mr Peter Doherty, 7 News Brisbane
Mr Peter Gooch, Radio 4QR Brisbane Mr Lindsay Marshall, Editor, The Independent
Imparja Television
Brisbane Extra
ABC - Alice Springs
Channel Nine News Brisbane - Bruce Paige
4BC Radio Brisbane, Mr Tony Murphy
Briz 31
Channel 10 Brisbane
Chief Executive Officer, Institute for Aboriginal Development, Alice Springs
Chief Executive Officer, Alice Springs Cultural Precinct

A Proposal to create a new city of 200,000 in the heart of the Australian continent, a world capital for Indigenous Studies and Public Policy, and a joint Olympic Games and Universal Exposition. Commemorating the 250th Anniversary of the Proclamation of the Annexation of Australia 1770 - 2020.

This precis is from the Foundation Expo '88 web-site page on the expo2020lympiad - uluru proposal at http://www.celebrate88.com/expo2020lympiad/. [DATE OF ACCESS 24 MAY 2006]

Australia is a proud participant in World Expositions and Olympiads - with her Pavilions and sporting teams rating amongst the World's best. The next two World Expositions - to be held in Zaragoza Spain in 2008 and Shanghai China in 2010 - and the 2008 Beijing Olympiad give Australia further cause to be proud on the world stage. But Australia - and the World Expositions and Olympic movement - can do much more.

Little have we seen since the beginning of World Expositions and the Games of the modern era - a City and Nation that has been able to hold both these events at the same time - creating great synergies in information and personal exchange - in the arts, sports, and leisure. Australia is a sports-loving nation - and revels in the arts, culture and recreation. She has a young and diverse coastal population - one of the most urbanised populations on earth - with infrastructure and development world's best practice. However, many Australians know little of their own continent's many-millennia old stories, dreamtime, languages and culture, and many parts of the Australia interior remain undeveloped, despite great beauty and potential for development, which could provide respite for a new category of Australian, indigenous, and world citizen - an oasis for a tired world. Furthermore, Australia has not hosted a World Exposition since 1988 in Brisbane - to celebrate the bi-centennial of European settlement - nor has she ever hosted a Universal or 'Class One' Exposition - in the style of Brussels '58, Montreal '67, Osaka '70, or Seville '92 - or indeed tackled a joint Universal Exposition and Olympic Games, a sight unseen since 1900 Paris and 1904 St Louis.

Universal Expositions celebrate mankind's achievements on a grand scale - as well as marks in time - unique to the nation, and occasionally, all mankind. They are renowned for their universal contribution to mankind - not only in architecture - but also through addressing a broad theme of human endeavour - such as 'Discovery' for Seville - to mark the Fifth Centenary of the Discovery of the Americas - and 'Man and His World', for Montreal, celebrating the Centenary of Canadian Confederation. The Olympic Games of the modern era - too - are a focus of mankind's activities - a stocktake of our sporting achievements - unique to each city and epoch of the Games itself. A joint Expo-Olympiad brings these two diverse celebrations and combines them in a cosmic symbiosis, with each event supporting the other in a myriad of personal and information exchange - a global village that extends far into the future, our futures, and reminds us of our role as global - and local - citizens.

expo2020lympiad - uluru - is a proposal to bring all these themes together - to create a new City of 200,000 in the heart of the Australian continent, a world centre for Indigenous Studies and Public Policy, and host the 2020 Universal Exposition and 32nd Olympiad in the heart of the indigenous Australian continent at the foot of the majestic monolith                 and the rocks of Kata-tjuta, in the Northern Territory - as the highlight of the 250th Anniversary of the Proclamation of the Annexation of Australia by Captain James Cook, August 21, 1770. View: Cook's Journal [The Voyage of the Endeavour: 1773]

expo2020lympiad - uluru would explore a timely world theme - 'Respect and Preservation of the World's Indigenous Cultures' - forcing an inward examination of the role of colonisation concomittant with the outward expansion of indigenous values - re-generating and re-incorporating our ancestral links to our modern lifestyles - through the themes of indigenous peoples and the cultural and physical links to the land, how this has developed through time, and how we can best assimilate this knowledge into our day to day life.

It would engage the world with the dramatic backdrop of Uluru and Kata-tjuta, magnificient blue skies and red sand, brilliant sunrises and sunsets. It would become the catalyst for development at Uluru - becoming a new Australian and world capital - a World and University centre for Public Policy and Indigenous Studies - and be connected by world-class telecommunications and transport infrastructure including very fast high-speed train links to Alice Springs and other cities - linking the Alice and Uluru in just under one hour. Whole suburbs of newly built accommodation at the expo2020lympiad site itself - converted to residential at the conclusion of expo2020lympiad - will provide tailor made accommodation for not only the Exposition and Olympic Authority staff, national, corporate and international participants, but also for Expo-Olympic visitors - catering for all budgets and requirements - from dormitory-style back-packer accommodation to 5-star.

Furthermore visitors and e-visitors shall count as equals at the expo2020lympiad where interactive web-cameras will allow exploration of every facet of the Exposition and Olympiad - from the Entrance Gates to each venue and the most intricate detail of individual Pavilion displays - rich with hyperlinked content, and with entertaining and informative multi-lingual avatar guides to suggest, interact with, and educate.

A symbol tower, representing the endurance and domination of Australia's indigenous peoples over the land, shall stand side-by-side with Uluru, reaching some 1,000 metres high - the tallest structure in the World - and take the form of a desert Australian indigenous male, standing on one leg, with spear for support, surveying the horizon - becoming Australia's own 'Statue of Liberty'.

Uluru - Capital of the World Anno Domini 2020 For it's six month duration, Uluru will play capital of Australia, and capital of the World, attracting nations, corporations and individuals from all walks of life, colours, creeds, and backgrounds.

It shall be a global rendezvous - celebrating the rich culture of our most important cultural and historical vanguards - in mankind's successful conquest of the start of the third decade of the new millennium.

I invite you to take part in this historic process - at the expo2020lympiad uluru open forum - a Foundation Expo '88 phpBB community forum at http://expo2020lympiad.forumwise.com, moderated by the Foundation Executive Director, John McGregor.

Further Information

Visit Australian Explorers

Visit the Australian Government Culture and Recreation Portal

Visit the Uluru - Kata Tjuta National Park http://www.deh.gov.au/parks/uluru/

Visit the Wikipedia reference listing for Uluru http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Uluru.

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Proposal Time-Line

2005....................Disseminate Idea
2006/2007..........Generate Public Interest - Lobby
                             Australian State and Federal Governments
2008/2009..........State/Federal Government Approval - Site Blueprints developed
2010 ...................expo2020lympiad uluru presentation in the Australia Pavilion at Shanghai World                               Expo 2010
2011/2012..........Jointly lobby Bureau of International Exhibitions (B.I.E. - Paris), and the International
                             Olympic Committee (I.O.C. - Lausanne)
2013....................Acceptance of bid by the B.I.E., and I.O.C.
2014/2015..........Official Invitations issued by the Federal Government to National, Multi-lateral                              Organisations, and Corporations
2016....................Commencement of Works
2019....................Conclusion of Works
2020....................expo2020lympiad uluru start!

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