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Progressing the World Expo '88 Vision
- A non-government not-for-profit entity celebrating Brisbane's World Expo '88 -

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A.V.E. and Foundation Expo '88
The Assembly of Expo Cities and Regions
« Association des Villes et Régions Hôtes d'Expositions Internationales »

Foundation Expo '88 attended the first meeting of the Assembly of Expo Cities and Regions, held at the site of the Universal Exposition of Seville, at the Seville World Trade Centre, October 9-12, 2002, during the 10th Anniversary Celebrations of Seville's Expo '92.

This, the inaugural meeting of the Assembly, was the opportunity to establish a discourse on the Assembly's aims and goals -

* Constructing a network for Expo Cities and Regions - Past, Present, and Future
* Sharing Expo-essential knowledge and skills - from pre-Exposition and post-Exposition development strategies, to pre-, during-, and post-Exposition planning, operations and management
* Creating new ways in which to celebrate each Expo City and/or Region's unique World Expositions heritage, through greater commemorative presence at the City/Region level, as well as at the internet and international level
* Hosting in principle a bi-annual A.V.E. Assembly at an Assembly member present, past, or future Expo City/Region

Founded by the Paris-based Bureau of International Exhibitions in Hannover 2000 - site of the year 2000 World Exposition, the Assembly's initial membership base comprised of the cities of Hannover, Lisboa, Sevilla, Aichi, Montreal and Vancouver. These Cities/Regions, and several other interested members, attended the First Assembly in Seville, 2002, which was also attended by Foundation Expo '88 Executive Director, John McGregor, then attending as an individual volunteer assistant. It was McGregor's experience at A.V.E. that formed the crucial structure for the development of the Foundation Expo '88 project - according to A.V.E. principles - with the goal of establishing:

1. A comprehensive website for World Expo '88
2. An incorporated historical association
3. A permanent commemorative Museum for World Expo '88

With one goal forming the Foundation for the next, the Foundation - and interest in the Foundation's work - has grown from strength to strength - the website - now at a dedicated domain name - http://www.celebrate88.com - is now just over two years strong - is largely considered one of the best World Expositions websites - and proudly communicates the rich cultural heritage of World Expo '88 via an enriched visual interface, with a potpourri of official and individual contributions, as well as the humourous and anecdotal - and features custom-made for the visitor's desktop - from favicon and shortcut icons, a World Expo '88 Mouse Pointer set, screensavers, wallpaper and more - as well as tapping into the Executive Director's private thoughts at the World Expo '88 Ideas Centre! Blog where opinions and comment for Expo's 20th Anniversary and beyond are mooted.

An Association for World Expo '88 - after a year of preliminary research - took root in May of 2006 - and with the support of original stakeholders such as the 'Save the Pagoda Committee Fund' and, 'Friends of the Pagoda' - a newly re-launched 'The Friends of the Pagoda Association' now works to complete the Foundation's second and third tier goals - a social, historical, and administrative association for World Expo '88 - and a permanent community-run World Expo '88 Museum - staffed by Association volunteers - at the only remaining Pavilion from World Expo '88 still remaining on the former Expo site - the now popular South Bank Parklands - the Nepal Peace Pagoda - an eternal icon of World Expo '88 for the memory of World Expo '88 - a concrete foundation for the Association's physical activities - to counterbalance the cyberspace location of the website itself.

As part of the personal face of Foundation Expo '88 - 'Pagoda on Sundays' has now become a popular part of the Brisbane social week, where Association volunteers meet and greet, as well as narrate the Pagoda's rich cultural heritage - and that of World Expo '88, and promote the Pagoda's Second Tier Level as a venue for a permanent World Expo '88 Museum.

McGregor hopes that Brisbane - after completion of these goals - will have a strong case for hosting an Assembly of A.V.E. in its own right - during the next possible time slot - possibly as part of the 2013 25th Anniversary of World Expo '88 - and - at the same time - inviting the Secretary-General of the Bureau, to officially open the World Expo '88 Museum - and officiate at Brisbane City's official ratification of her membership of the new Assembly.

Newsletters, the official A.V.E. statutes, and the latest A.V.E. updates, as well as current membership base, can be viewed at the A.V.E. pages at the Bureau web-site - http://www.bie-paris.org.

Further information on how A.V.E.'s goals can take structure in our streets can also be found at the Executive Director's 'World Expo '88 Ideas Centre! Blog', hosted at AOL Journals, at http://journals.aol.com/foundationexpo88/WorldExpo88IdeasCentre/, a link to which is also found at this site's Table of Contents.

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