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World Expo on Stage

500 performances from over 30 countries were show-cased at the next-to-the Expo site situated Queensland Performing Arts Complex, housing the 2,000 seat Lyric Theatre, 1, 750 seat Concert Hall, and 225 seat studio, the Cremorne Theatre.

Part of the World Expo program, yet with separate pricing
 structure, these venues hosted 'festivals within festivals' such as Roger Woodward playing all 32 Beethoven piano sonatas in eight recitals; the 1988 International Theatresports Finals; the World Drum Festival; as well as the English Shakespeare Company peforming the seven Shakespearean plays that make up the "War of the Roses" cycle.

The Performing Arts Complex was also the venue for the
creme of talent during National Days, where the best of each country was presented to eager audiences - a combination of international events unlikely to be repeated in Brisbane for quite a while.

Who were some of the top acts? Read below!

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The official World Expo on Stage Program
Photo Courtesy of Foundation Expo '88
Aida and Die Fledermaus - Lyric Opera of Queensland (Australia)
Lazar Berman (U.S.S.R.)
Meryl Tankard (Australia)
The Flying Karamazov Brothers (U.S.A.)
Messaien Festival (France)
Cosmic Odyssesy Nippon (Japan)
Boojum (Australia)
The 32 Beethoven Piano Sonatas - Roger Woodward (Australia)
Antologia de la Zarzuela (Spain)
The Texas Boys' Choir Show (U.S.A.)
Mummenschanz (Switzerland)
The Knee Plays - Robert Wilson and David Byrne (U.S.A.)
Kabuki - featuring Living National Treasure of Japan Utaemon Nakamura (Japan)
The Peking Opera Troupe of China (People's Republic of China)
Michel Lemieux (Canada)
The Mormon Tabernacle Choir (U.S.A.)
Gabrieli String Quartet with Stephen McIntyre (U.K.)
Yehudi Menuhin (U.K.)
The 1988 International Theatre Sports Festival (U.K., U.S.A., Canada, Sweden, New Zealand, Denmark, Australia)
The World Brass Band Championships
The Royal Ballet (U.K.)
The 1988 Australian Fashion Awards (Australia)
Kiri Te Kanawa (New Zealand)
International Festival of Youth Orchestras (U.K., Japan, U.S.A., Federal Republic of Germany, New Zealand, Australia)
Borodin Trio with Eleanora Turovsky (U.S.A.)
The World Drum Festival (Indonesia; Canada; Japan; Sri Lanka; Papua New Guinea; Kenya; Ghana; U.S.A., India; Republic of Korea; New Zealand; Australia)
Grips Theater (Federal Republic of Germany)
The Australian Opera (Australia)
Asian Deance Festival (Indonesia, Malaysia, Republic of Korea)
The Siberian Cossack Dance Company (U.S.S.R.)
The complete War of the Roses cycle, English Shakespeare Company (U.K.)
1000 Airplanes - Philip Glass Ensemble (U.S.A.)
Comédie Française (France)
The Original Monterey Jazz Festival 'Down Under' (U.S.A.)
Aristophanes - Amphi-Theatre (Greece)
Italy on Stage (Italy)
Bennelong (Aiustralia)
The Australian Ballet (Australia)
The Bolshoi Opera (U.S.S.R.)
Siamsa Tire and the Chieftans (Ireland)
World Expo on Stage Finale (Australia et al)