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Walkways & Street Theatre

Randy - The Mechanical Man - One of the Expo's most Favourite Street Performers!
Photograph Courtesy of Randy - the Mechanical Man!

World Expo '88 will always be remembered for the street theatre that entertained at every corner, pavilion queue and entrance - which became almost as memorable as the Expo itself.

Talent from Australia and abroad - from our own stilt walker cleaners 'Phyliis and Dyllis' in their comic clown cheeks and Expo uniforms, that 'cleaned' persons as they walked their way through the Expo site, to Elvis and Charlie Chaplin impersonators Eddie Youngblood and Billy Day, acrobat Jeremy Rigby, comedian Steve Haddan, magicians Phil Cass, Glynn Nicholas, and illusionist Peter Gray, the comedy duo Price & McCoy, acrobatic & trapeze artists 'Duo Michelle', and 'Fifi the Clown', and the larger than life 'Papa Fitzgerald' and stark performer Madam Zoe, to the antics of Mr P.P. (Tim Tyler) the English Tourist, Clown Derek Scott from Canada, American tourists G & Myrtle Nerdstrom, with their obligatory camera, smiles, and overly-friendly inquisitiveness, the comedy duo Robbie O'Neill and Ronald McEachern, and the many-varied acts of the Natural Theatre / Lumiere & son Theatre Company, with their most humourous concoctions of CIA Agents, Nannies & Prams, Flowerpot People, Men in Underpants - and - one of the most memorable street performancers of all Randy - the Mechanical Man, who entertained the crowds with his whimsical 'robot' office man looks and sharp moves - made the Expo a living thriving kingdom of entertainment - for every Expo hour and day of the 185-day Exposition.

This page will soon feature photographs of all these performers - and - in the meantime, find more information on Randy as he regales his wonderful memories from Brisbane's Expo here.

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