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Progressing the World Expo '88 Vision
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'The Best of the Best'

Many millions of dollars of programming and work went into making the World Expo '88 Entertainment Program the best in the World - from venues as diverse as the 10,000 capacity River Stage to the intimate Amphitheatre and 'The Space'; to 'World Expo on Stage' at the adjoining Queensland Performing Arts Complex; as well as the 'Celebrity Speakers Forum' at the Concert Hall of the same venue, where some of the world's top minds gathered to discuss terrestrial Earth's most pressing problems of 1988 and beyond.

Here is but a sample of some of the big names that helped us celebrate World Expo '88:
  • At the World Expo '88 River Stage - for free! (with Expo admission ticket) Julio Iglesias, Donny Osmond, John Denver, Chuck Jones, Phyllis Diller, the Village People, James Taylor, the Little River Band, Glen Frey, Joe Cocker, Jimmy Barnes, Icehouse, Ladysmith Black Mambazo, the Nylons, Eurogliders, Judi Conelli, the Divinyls, Mental as Anything, The Cockroaches, Kate Cerebrano, the Rocky Horrow Show with Bernard King, Normie Rowe, Simon Gallaher, Jon English, Wendy Harmer, Gerry Connolly, Austen Tayshus, Kamahl and the Australian Boys Choir, Young Talent Team, Wickety Wak, John Williamson, James Blundell, the Laura Dance Festival Aboriginal Dance Troupe, Tjapukai Dance Theatre, Dance North, the Royal Canadian Mounted Police Band, Andy Stewart, TN! Theatre Company, Miss Hawai'i 88, the World Professional Bodybuilding Championships, the 7th Fleet Band, Jermaine Jackson, the Greely Chorale, the Delltone's, the Hoodoo Gurus, John Farnham and the launch of 'The Age of Reason' Tour, Marcia Hines, Smokey Dawson, Kobe Youth Choir, Martha Davis, The Last Night of the Proms, Sacramento Valley Symphonic Band & Wind Ensemble, Montiverdi Male Choir, the Bizzarros, Queensland Symphony Orchestra, Su Cruickshank, Vocalpoint, the Queensland Youth Choir, Julian Lee, Zane, Tyrone & Cher, The Dennis Wayne Dancers, Fred Garbo, Queensland Lyric Opera, Armondo Hurley, The Waldo Woodhead Show, Jill & Agro's Children Concert, Jackie Love, Patrick McMahon, Mr Universe Championships, Ryudogumi, Morgan & Phelan, Oberlin Dance Company, Bryan Ferry, Mecano, The Seekers, Julie Anthony
  • At the Queensland Performing Arts Complex 'World Expo on Stage' program - Aida and Die Fledermaus - Lyric Opera of Queensland (Australia); Lazar Berman (U.S.S.R.); Meryl Tankard (Australia); The Flying Karamazov Brothers (U.S.A.); Messaien Festival (France); Cosmic Odyssesy Nippon (Japan); Boojum (Australia); the 32 Beethoven Piano Sonatas - Roger Woodward (Australia); Antologia de la Zarzuela (Spain); the Texas Boys' Choir Show (U.S.A.); Mummenschanz (Switzerland); The Knee Plays - Robert Wilson and David Byrne (U.S.A.); Kabuki - featuring Living National Treasure of Japan Utaemon Nakamura (Japan); the Peking Opera Troupe of China (People's Republic of China); Michel Lemieux (Canada); the Mormon Tabernacle Choir (U.S.A.); Gabrieli String Quartet with Stephen McIntyre (U.K.); Yehudi Menuhin (U.K.); the 1988 International Theatre Sports Festival (U.K., U.S.A., Canada, Sweden, New Zealand, Denmark, Australia); the World Brass Band Championships; the Royal Ballet (U.K.); the 1988 Australian Fashion Awards (Australia); Kiri Te Kanawa (New Zealand); International Festival of Youth Orchestras (U.K., Japan, U.S.A., Federal Republic of Germany, New Zealand, Australia); Borodin Trio with Eleanora Turovsky (U.S.A.); the World Drum Festival (Indonesia; Canada; Japan; Sri Lanka; Papua New Guinea; Kenya; Ghana; U.S.A., India; Republic of Korea; New Zealand; Australia); Grips Theater (Federal Republic of Germany); the Australian Opera (Australia); Asian Deance Festival (Indonesia, Malaysia, Republic of Korea); the Siberian Cossack Dance Company (U.S.S.R.); the complete War of the Roses cycle, English Shakespeare Company (U.K.); NIDA (Australia); 1000 Airplanes - Philip Glass Ensemble (U.S.A.); Comédie Française (France); the Original Monterey Jazz Festival 'Down Under' (U.S.A.); Aristophanes - Amphi-Theatre (Greece); Italy on Stage (Italy); Bennelong (Aiustralia); the Australian Ballet (Australia); the Bolshoi Opera (U.S.S.R.); Siamsa Tire and the Chieftans (Ireland); World Expo on Stage Finale (Australia et al).
  • At the Concert Hall Celebrity Speakers Forum a selection of the World's most distinguished scientists, academics and adventurers discussed the world of the future in six forums at the Concert Hall of the Queensland Performing Arts Complex. General Admission only $AUD 10.00 - full time students $AUD 5.00! 20 June 1988 Modern-Day Adventure and Exploration Chairman: Simon Balderstone - Journalist and Scientific Author Speakers: Dr Arlene Blum - American Adventurer, Tim Macartney-Snape - Adventurer, Robert Swan - British Antarctic Explorer 26 June 1988 Technology and Sport Chairman: Dr Ian Jobling - Chairman of The Oceania Olympic Authority Speakers: Professor John Lucas - Associate Director of the U.S. Olympic Academy, John Landy - Australian Athlete; Dr Frank Pyke - President of the Australian Sport Association; Diane Jones-Konihowski  20 July 1988 Technology and its effect on the Social Fabric of Society Chairman: Sir James Killen, Barrister and former Liberal Minister Speakers: The Honourable Gough Whitlam - former Prime Minister of Australia, Mr S K Jain - International Labour Office (Geneva), Mr K E Ejiri - President - Mitsui, Sir Ronald Trotter - Chairman - Fletcher Challenge (New Zealand)  15 August 1988 The Role of Technology in the Exploration of Earth and Space Chairman: Professor Brian Wilson, Australian Physicist and Vice-Chancellor of the University of QueenslandSpeakers: Sir Edmund Hillary Mountaineer, Explorer, and Author, Mr James Irwin - American Astronaut, Dr Patrick Moore - British Astronomer and Author 28 August 1988 The Marine Environment, Marine Archaeology, Technology and Leisure Chairman: Mr Graeme Kelleher - Chairman of the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority Speakers: Dr Margaret Rule - British Marine Archaeologist, Jean-Michel Cousteau - Producer of Adeventure and Marine Films, Dr Kenton Miller - World President - International Union for the Conservation of Nature and Natural Resources 19 September 1988 Michelangelo's Return to Glory : The Restoration of the Vatican Speaker: Dr Walter Persagati - Secretary and Treasurer of the Vatican Museums  3 October 1988 Advances in Technology and their influence on Longevity, Post-Retirement, and Leisure Chaiman: The Honourable Sir Walter Campbell, Governor of Queensland Speakers: The Right Honourable Sir Zelman Cowen - former Governor General of Australia, Dr Percival McCormack, Professor Michel Philibert - President of the French Society of Gerontology.
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