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The River Stage

Photograph Courtesy and Copyright
Brisbane City Council Image # BCC-T120-1839

The River Stage was the premium performance space for international events at the Exposition, sited on the Brisbane River itself and hosting audiences up to 15,000 on it's artificial green turf.

The best of each genre was presented at the River Stage, from famous Australian rock'n'roll to National Day Ceremony Concerts and Variety Performances, as well as theatre, ballet, opera, dance, and jazz.

Most will remember the River Stage for the final performance - the official Closing Ceremony where thousands of Expo staff and visitors gathered together to listen to the perennially popular Australian band 'The Seekers' sing their signature song "The Carnival is Over", whilst fireworks exploded from the top of City skyscrapers across the river and audiences playfully teased with huge inflated plastic globes, tossing them from one end of the grass to the other.

Amongst the famous performers at the venue were Australian John Farnham and Italian Julio Iglesias - where up to 20, 000 persons crammed into the venue area.

The River Stage was also the venue for the nightly fireworks, which combined with a state-of-the-art laser show featuring a different theme for each month of the exposition.

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