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Walkways and Street Theatre

Randy Burns
"The Mechanical Man"

It has been 16 years since I performed at Expo '88 in Brisbane, Australia which is so hard to believe now. From time to time, my wife Dale and I have looked at the many photos of our visit to your beautiful country and have wondered out loud, "Who are those young people?" My goodness, it really has been that long! I can still remember the first day that we walked on the Expo grounds. From that point on I knew that this Exposition was going to be something special. Even today I can honestly say that my performances in Brisbane were the most memorable of all venues that I have performed and is still the highlight of my career as "The Mechanical Man". Everywhere my wife and I went on that first day we were greeted with smiles from everyone we met. The staff went out of their way to make sure that we were comfortable and happy with our performance schedule plus our accommodations. We couldn't have felt more welcome!

We still have photos on the walls of our office of the many people that we met in Brisbane,
from the Expo staff members to the many fans of "The Mechanical Man". The Director of Entertainment and Walkways, Barbara Absolon and Danny May helped coordinate an extraordinary event for myself and fellow entertainers from all over the world. I had only performed at one Expo prior to this but I can truthfully say I had never been treated better. And the crowds were exceptional! Barbara used me at the start of Expo for promoting the strolling acts so I was fortunate to garner quite a lot of publicity. As a result, my audiences were huge, enthusiastic, and always waiting for me before I got to my designated performance site. I never lacked for people to entertain. They were always there. And they were always laughing, cheering and willing to participate in all my shows. Performing on the Expo site was truly a wonderful experience.  

A year after Expo '88 my wife and I moved to Las Vegas, Nevada and I have been
performing at the Excalibur Hotel and Casino since they opened in 1990. I am fortunate that the Excalibur has allowed me to tour four months out of the year to fairs in the northeastern part of the United States. It has now been twenty six years that I have been "The Mechanical Man". Ever since then my wife and I have tried to figure out a way to come back for a tour of Australia once again whether it would be for performances or for a holiday.  Maybe in the near future that will become a reality. I sure hope so.

Thank you Brisbane and Expo '88 for the fun, laughter, and warm reception you gave us.  

You are still and always will be the greatest!!!

Randy's Bio Sheet (PDF)

World Expo 88 Congratulates Randy