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My Expo '93 Page

Flags of the World at the United Nations Pavilion and Plaza, Taejon Expo '93, now home to the Expo '93 Museum

I had the distinct pleasure of being able to work for the 1993 World Exposition at Taejon (now Daejon) - a central transport and R&D science hub located in the centre of the Republic of Korea.

The first Exposition to be held by a developing nation - the first Exposition to be held by Korea - and the third Exposition to be held in Asia - Taejon Expo '93 celebrated the Centenary of the 'hermit kingdom's' first representation at a World Exposition - at the 1893 Columbian Exposition in Chicago, U.S.A.

The three month international specialised Expo was held between 7 August and 7 November 1993 - a total of 93 days - and attracted a record number of international participants - 108 - as well as 33 U.N. level organisations, and numerous other multi-lateral organisations and corporations.

A 'universal-expositions' style Korean Corporate Zone, coupled with an 'international-expositions' style International Zone, Taejon Expo '93 managed to marry these two forms in a unique manner, and showcased the latest in Korean and International emergent technologies on the Exposition theme -'The Challenge of a New Road to Development'.

Over 14 million visitors - some 5% international - and nearly 50% Korean students - made the Expo site a bustling technopolis - opening a door to the 21st century and further, heralding a new age in Korean and International cultural exchange.

Please feel free to view some of these images from Expo '93 - Courtesy of Foundation Expo '88 and the Taejon International Exposition Organizing Committee Press Center.

Kum'dori - the cute and likeable Taejon Expo '93 Official Mascot - a Cosmic Sky Elf

The Taejon Expo '93 Official Logo
 - incorporating a Korean 'tae'guk' (yin-yang circle) superimposed on a blue earth globe