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Celebrity Speakers Forum

The Celebrity Speakers Forum, officially adjoining the 'World Expo on Stage' program, gave the Exposition a venue for the world's leading scientists, heroes, explorers, academics, journalists and authors to discuss matters vitally important to 1988 - and future - Earth.

Over seven evenings spaced throughout the Expo at the nearby Concert Hall of the Queensland Performing Arts Complex, students and adults could enjoy these eminent panel forums for the mere cost of $5.00 and $10.00 per ticket, as well as ask questions at the end.

Organised by UniQuest Conference Systems, it is hoped that the official transcript of these fora shall be made a part of the Foundation Expo '88 web-site in the near future - keep tuned!

The Fora were:
  • 20 June 1988 Modern-Day Adventure and Exploration
    Chairman: Simon Balderstone,
    Journalist and Scientific Author
    Speakers: Dr Arlene Blum - American Adventurer
                    Tim Macartney-Snape - Adventurer
                    Robert Swan - British Antarctic Explorer

  • 26 June 1988 Technology and Sport
    Chairman: Dr Ian Jobling, Chairman of The Oceania Olympic Authority
    Speakers: Professor John Lucas - Associate Director of the U.S. Olympic Academy
                    John Landy - Australian Athlete
                    Dr Frank Pyke - President of the Australian Sport Association
                    Diane Jones-Konihowski

  •  20 July 1988 Technology and its effect on the Social Fabric of Society
    Chairman: Sir James Killen, Barrister and former Liberal Minister
    Speakers: The Honourable Gough Whitlam - former Prime Minister of Australia
                    Mr S K Jain - International Labour Office (Geneva)
                    Mr K E Ejiri - President - Mitsui
                    Sir Ronald Trotter - Chairman - Fletcher Challenge (New Zealand)

  •  15 August 1988 The Role of Technology in the Exploration of Earth and Space
     Chairman: Professor Brian Wilson, Australian Physicist and Vice-Chancellor of the University of Queensland
     Speakers: Sir Edmund Hillary - Mountaineer, Explorer, and Author
                     Mr James Irwin - American Astronaut
                     Dr Patrick Moore - British Astronomer and Author

  • 28 August 1988 The Marine Environment, Marine Archaeology, Technology and Leisure
    Chairman: Mr Graeme Kelleher, Chairman of the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority
    Speakers: Dr Margaret Rule - British Marine Archaeologist
                    Jean-Michel Cousteau - Producer of Adeventure and Marine Films
                    Dr Kenton Miller - World President - International Union for the Conservation of Nature and Natural Resources

  • 19 September 1988 Michelangelo's Return to Glory : The Restoration of the Vatican
    Speaker:   Dr Walter Persagati - Secretary and Treasurer of the Vatican Museums

  • 3 October 1988 Advances in Technology and their influence on Longevity, Post-Retirement, and Leisure
    Chaiman:  The Honourable Sir Walter Campbell, Governor of Queensland
    Speakers: The Right Honourable Sir Zelman Cowen - former Governor General of Australia
                    Dr Percival McCormack
                    Professor Michel Philibert - President of the French Society of Gerontology

One of the official Souvenir Programs of the Celebrity Speakers Forum, World Expo '88
Photo courtesy of Foundation Expo '88