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Star Voyager (1988)
Aluminium H: 6400mm

Tom Grubb - USA

Kindly loaned by the artist
Photograph courtesy of the McGreevy Collection

The work was sited at the entrance to the Melbourne Street Gate, and is visible on the front right side of this image.

The Melbourne Street Gate was one of the most popular entrances to the World Exposition, with it's futuristic arches and promenade easily viewable here, as well as the more monumental works - 'Forme del Mito', by Arnaldo Pomodoro, 'Heureka' by Jean Tinguely, viewable towards the centre back of the image. The gate itself was located under a semi-circle arch noted at the very back centre of this image.

The restored heritage building on the right is the QR (Queensland Rail) 'South Brisbane - Expo' Train Station, where many Expo guests alighted to enter the Expo, and the slender tower at the middle left of the image, is a partly obscured view of the Expo symbol tower, the 88-metre 'Night Companion', which is now located 500-metres away from it's former Expo location.

The fawn colonnades at the left of the image is the Queensland Performing Arts Complex - completed just prior to the Expo's opening in 1988.

One can also see here some rick-shaws - people-powered - which were a popular way to reach the Expo site from the City-side of the Victoria Bridge, as well as at the front left of the image, a partly visible glass pyramid prism, which were at every Expo Entrance gate, enclosing a humanoid clone robot in silver-metallic jumpsuit that greeted Expo guests in computer-synthesized speech in over 32 languages. (Note: further information at the Art page of this site).