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Heureka (1963/1964)
Steel H: 6600mm

Jean Tinguely - Switzerland

Kindly loaned by the city of Zurich in association with
 the Swiss Federal Government, Swiss
National Tourist Office and Swiss Industries Fair
Photograph courtesy of the McGreevy Collection

'Heureka' was one of three monumental works that greeted visitors to the Expo at the Melbourne Street Gate - the main entrance to the Expo. The work preceding 'Heureka' was 'Forme del Mito', by Arnaldo Pomodoro, now acquired by Brisbane City Council and located at Upper Edward Street, and 'Continuous Division', by Graham Johns (located in the background in this image), which is now located at the Roma Street Parklands, Brisbane.

The Melbourne Street Gate is also remembered for it's white archways - which were beautifully lit at night - (partly visible in the image), as well as the restored heritage QR (Queensland Rail) CityTrain network - 'South Brisbane - Expo' Station - located at the right of this image - where visitors could easily alight for the Melbourne Street Gate.

Visitors to the Expo were highly recommended to leave their cars at home and 'Go Easy to Expo' by train, bus, ferry, hovercraft, seaplane, helicopter, rickshaw, or by foot!