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'Suspended Animation'

H: 5500mm

Tim Watkins - U.S.A.

Kindly loaned by the Artist


My experience showing at Expo was amazing. When asked by John Truscott if they could lease a couple of pieces for the show, I instead offered that I would love to visit Australia, and family, so if they would fly me down, I would be happy to install the pieces.

To my surprise, they agreed, and I spent 2 weeks as their guest, on site in late February, early March.

The energy was tangible. Led by John Truscott, a man I believe to have been a true visionary, as well as an incredibly
keen fan of sculpture, it was a gathering of global artwork and artists, like I have not seen since. As a younger sculptor, to participate in this exhibition was a dream come true.

'Suspended Animation' in new environment
Photo courtesy of the Artist