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The Warana Amphitheatre

The intimate Amphitheatre venue grew out of a need for an official venue for National and Corporate Day ceremonies at the Expo, as well as a small-scale live performing arts venue.

Located near the Melbourne Street Entrance of the Expo, the 300-seater Amphitheatre took it's place under the curves of one of the smaller white sun-sails of the Exposition, and was a wonderful Protocol venue for the Expo, protected from the all the elements - yet replete with tropical foliage and some indirect sunlight through it's sun-sail shade - with the venue's semi-circular seating offering good seats for all.

It was also the venue for many Australian and international 'short' performances - 30 minutes each - which surveyed the width and breadth of the perfoming arts - from jugglers to musicians, and clowns to theatre - with extra funding for the program from the popular Brisbane annual arts/cultural festival 'Warana', and for this reason was also known as the 'Warana Amphitheatre'.

The venue is also well remembered for it's special early-evening hi-tech laser show presentation, which displayed the latest technology in laser animation, and complemented the daily 'end of show' fireworks and lasers at the larger River Stage venue.

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