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Welcome to Celebrate 88 - Australia's leading centre for World Expo '88 - and Australia at World Expositions.

Looking backwards we can regale with pride the success of the 2018 30th Anniversary of Expo 88 - the re-launch at Caboolture of the iconic Ken Done-designed Australia Pavilion letters, and a heightened awareness through mass media and social media of the important legacy of Expo 88 and keeping that legacy alive.

Looking forwards, we are proud to announce that the Australian Federal Government has approved of an Australia Pavilion for World Expo 2020 Dubai, the first Australia Pavilion since Yeosu Korea 2012, and we await with baited breath details of the architecture and contents of the Pavilion, which is estimated to welcome 2 million visits during the six month Expo.

And we must congratulate Osaka Japan for successfully winning the 2025 Bid for World Expo. A robust Australia presence here will also be welcome, whilst we can hopefully boast that Australia will have a representation too at the 2023 Buenos Aires Exposition.

And yet, there is still much more to be done.

Brisbane City is yet to ratify its membership of the Bureau of International Expositions led "Assembly of Expo Cities and Regions" - or known as A.V.E. in its French acronym - which would see World Expo '88 - and Brisbane City - represented on the international stage at the regular Meetings of the Assembly, held at the end of each World Exposition, an invaluable international Expo Cities networking forum - to which Celebrate 88, in its former body as Foundation Expo '88 has attended as an Observer.

And furthermore, we have to continue the World Expo 88 torch to future World Expositions - as Australian participant and/or host. Lamentably, there was no Australian Government Pavilion at Milan Expo 2015, the first time in more than 50 years that Australia has not been represented at a Universal Exposition, and sadly strong representation to the Ministers for Foreign Affairs and Trade, as well as the Senate Committee on Foreign Affairs, Defence and Trade, led to no avail. We can only hope that this short-sighted decision to not be represented at Milano, with over 140 members of the international community, does not become a precedent for Dubai 2020 and that future Australian Governments will be more generous. We shall continue to lobby Foreign Affairs & Trade for an answer as to why an Australian Government facilitated private enterprise Pavilion could not have been achieved for Milan - and for that matter Astana 2017 as well.

And with regards to hosting of Australian World Expositions, already future Expo bidding cities are looking ahead to 2030, where it will be nearly 50 years since Australia has hosted a World Exposition. When will Australia host again?

We also hope to continue lobbying the new Shanghai World Expo Museum for a dedicated display space for World Expo 88.

We hope to keep you informed whether through these pages, or our Facebook/Twitter stream.

So, whether you are a die-hard World Expo '88 aficionado, or learning about Brisbane's Expo 88 for the first time, WELCOME! We hope you will find here with our website, Facebook, Twitter and Youtube affiliate pages and channels everything you needed to know about World Expo '88 and Australia at World Expositions.

With kind regards,

Yours sincerely

John R McGregor

Disclaimer: Celebrate 88 is an independent non-government not-for-profit entity and is not affiliated with the Brisbane Exposition and Southbank Redevelopment Authority, or Southbank Parklands. The author and webmaster/designer of the celebrate88.com website is John McGregor, Founder.