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Welcome to Celebrate 88 - the web's one-stop encyclopedia to the 1988 World Exposition - Brisbane's own World Expo 88 - and a portal to Australia at past, present, and future World Expositions.

As we turn a corner after a horrendous 2020, we look to the opening of the delayed Dubai Expo 2020 - and the Australia Pavilion there - in October as a time to pause, reflect, and regenerate.

Will Expo 2020 be relegated to a national-level event only, with restricted international borders still in place, or will we see a gradual opening up into 2022 in the Expoís last few months?

Regardless of the outcome, we here at Celebrate 88 and our extended Expo family hope you can choose to celebrate Australia at Dubai and this next World Expo in your own way, whether that be online or in person in Dubai 2021-2022.

We also look further a field to Osaka Expo 2025 when finally and hopefully the ravages of the pandemic will be behind us all.

Until this time, stay safe, keep well, and keep active.

With warm regards

John R McGregor


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Disclaimer: Celebrate 88 is an independent non-government not-for-profit entity and is not affiliated with the Brisbane Exposition and Southbank Redevelopment Authority, or Southbank Parklands. The author and webmaster/designer of the celebrate88.com website is John McGregor, Founder.