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Progressing the World Expo '88 Vision
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Foundation Expo '88 values your privacy - as well as the need to have your voice heard.

If correspondence is of a confidential manner - please say so at the beginning of your correspondence. This means the correspondence is not discussed with a third party, or mentioned at a Foundation Expo '88 activity, or resource.

Often I may not have the answer to your question and may have to refer your enquiry to another party. In this case, your personal details - your name and contact details - will remain confidential - however, the nature of the enquiry is considered public.

Furthermore, if you wish your correspondence to Foundation Expo '88 to be published at the web-site for all to see, send an e-mail to Expo Corner - at expocorner@celebrate88.com, where general World Expositions and World Expo '88 comments and miscellanea are published and discussed.

Finally, the Foundation Expo '88 web-site's three public fora - hosted at AOL and forumwise.com - allow you to directly - via membership or just by typing your thoughts - communicate your ideas to group members only, or any person who peruses the page. Whilst your input in these fora can be private or public, the maintenance of these fora is looked after by the host publisher concerned - AOL or forumwise.com - who have their own respective Privacy Policies.

This is also correct for the Bravenet Foundation Expo '88 World Expositions & Guest Map and Bravenet Foundation Expo '88 Vote Caster, located at the left and right flanks of the Foundation Expo '88 web-site Table of Contents.

Foundation Expo '88 collects information about yourself and your wish to be involved in Foundation Expo '88 through three principle means:

1. Interested Members Survey Form, and Membership Application Form for 'The Friends of the Pagoda Association', as located at the News-Press page of the site, The Friends of the Pagoda Association page at http://www.celebrate88.com/friendsofthepagoda/, and, available at Meetings of Foundation Expo '88 and The Friends of the Pagoda Association;
2. Guestbook Entry at the Foundation Expo '88 site;
3. E-mail and letter correspondence, and telephone conversation and internet chat.

E-mails are recorded and backed-up, with sender name and e-mail address auto-added to the Foundation's e-mail database, which then receive the Foundation's several per year project updates. You can request to have your details removed from this list at any time by simply putting 'unsubscribe' in the subject field of your e-mail. Mail in this case should be addressed to executivedirector@celebrate88.com.

Search entry keywords inputted into the Foundation Expo '88 web-site 'Search Foundation Expo '88' search box display content-context advertising with the Search Results. This is done automatically. For siteLevel's Privacy Policy, visit http://www.sitelevel.com.

Foundation Expo '88 also subscribes to a web-site visitors statistics package, which provides vital information on visits to the web-site in a bar-graph format, noting time of access, geography suffix domain location of the visit (i.e. .com, .com.au etc), keywords used in search engines to search for Foundation Expo '88 resources, referring other web-sites, as well as browser type and screen resolution of the viewing visitor.

This data gives Foundation Expo '88 a general idea of the world-wide readership of the site, as well as data that can help prioritize web-site development and resources.

Data presented to Foundation Expo '88 for this service, for a one month, and one year, period is located here.

Usage Statistics for foundationexpo88_org - Last 12 Months.htm

Usage Statistics for foundationexpo88_org - April 2006.htm

Should you have any queries with regards to your personal information and Foundation Expo '88, please write to the Foundation Expo '88 Executive Director, John McGregor, at the first instance executivedirector@celebrate88.com.