United States of America
National Day : July 4, 1988
Agreement to participate : 5 October 1985
Commissioner General - Mr Art Linkletter
Pavilion : 3884 square metres
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The U.S.A. pavilion focussed on the marriage between sports and technology in exploring the theme of the exposition "Leisure in the Age of Technology."

Entertaining the waiting crowds on the large sports court outside the pavilion were basketball greats, 'hacky sackers', power-lifters, and skipping teams, whereby inside the pavilion guests could test their baseball prowess in the "strike zone" where computers would register their pitch speed and compare it with famous US pitchers.

In the "Hall of Fame", video footage of sports greats impressed viewing members of the public, and, nearby, a 12-minute multi-screen presentation on sports and medicine was shown, highlighting spin-offs from the space program.

However, many would say that the big highlight of the Pavilion was the Pavilion Restaurant, or should I say, Restaurants, - "The Americana Food Village" - a true gastronomic delight taking up to 1/3rd of the whole pavilion - a smorgasboard selection of themed houses rendering foods such as creole and cajun at 'Chez Louisiane,' west coast cuisine at 'Hollywoods,' Polynesian fare at 'Waikiki,' B.B.Q. ribs at the 'Alamo,' arctic seafood from 'Eskimo's Anchorage,' and the New Yorker's 'Broadway & 42nd Street.' The village was presented by Sanders International Ventures Ltd, an expo veteran.

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