National Day : May 12, 1988
Agreement to participate : 5 February 1987
Commissioner General - Mr Nicolay Filippov
Pavilion : 2165 square metres
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The theme of the U.S.S.R. Pavilion was : 'Leisure Activity - Harmony of the Individual, Society and Nature' - with a strong emphasis on sciences, technology, culture and leisure.

A central semi-circular water-feature and backdrop transparencies of famous Moscow vistas - including St Basil's Cathedral - gave a geographic context to the Pavilion - where on the surrounding walls one could view a survey of Russia's explorations to Australasia and the Pacific; gain an understanding of U.S.S.R. leisure and environmental protection;  view exhibits on Russian sports and pastimes - as well as the Soviet-made equipment to enjoy them; and view a 
'micro-miniature' display where works of literature including the Bible, as well as maps of the Australian continent, were written in micro-millimetre format (one had to squint one's eyes through magnifying glasses to view them).

The Pavilion also featured displays of the latest developments in Russian medical technology and technique;
several holograms of famous masterpieces from the Heritage Museum; an exhibition of Russian glassware, scultpures, and woodcarvings - as well as viewing the work that goes into them;  and a celebration of the 1,000th Anniversary of the introduction of Christianity to Russia - also during Australia's Bicentennial Year. 

On another note, the pavilion's "Troika" restaurant was one of the most popular 'fine dining' restaurants at the Exposition, with five chefs from Moscow especially flown in for the Expo.

This pavilion, like the Pavilion of West Germany, was the U.S.S.R.'s last presence at a World's Fair.

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