Republic of Korea
National Day : August 15, 1988
Agreement to participate : 26 June, 1986
Commissioner General - Mr Young Soo Hahn
Pavilion : 1445 square metres
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Hodori, the animated Tiger mascot for the 1988 Seoul Olympics, greeted visitors to the Korean Pavilion from the top of a 8-metre high colourfully decorated traditional Korean tower at the entrance to the Pavilion.

Being the year of the Seoul Olympics, various displays pertaining to the Games, such as a model of the Seoul Sports Complex, were displayed, and in the "Culture Zone" a traditional Korean-style room and accompanying art scroll displayed classic Korean culture in the home. Also to be fondly remembered was the Pavilion Restaurant, serving visitors traditional take-away Korean cuisine.

World Expo '88 mascot 'Expo Oz' with hostess from the Korean Pavilion
Image Courtesy and Copyright Brisbane City Council #  BCC-T35-298

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