People's Republic of China
National Day : July 20, 1988
Agreement to participate : 27 January, 1986
Commissioner General - Mr Yue Zue
Pavilion : 1822 square metres
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The PRC Pavilion was located near the main entrance of the Exposition - the Melbourne Street Gate - and was just beyond to the right of the Australian and Queensland Pavilions. The Pavilion was easily found by it's impressive 'China Gate', one of the more prominent installations by an international participant at World Expo '88.

Inside visitors were regaled to all the wonders of ancient and modern China through a spectacular 360-degree circular cinema, taking one from the majesty of the Forbidden City, to the grandeur of the Great Wall to the mystery of the Terra-cotta Warriors and bustling enigmatic Beijing.

The pavilion also highlighted the fine-tuned skills of China's artisans, from silk-screen portrayals of gold-fish and pandas, to the mastery of eggshell porcelains and 'snuff bottles.'

Visitors were also able to view one of the 35 horse-drawn bronze chariots from the terracotta warriors of Xi'an.

The 360-degree film presentation "Four Seasons in China" has become as ubiquitous as the Chinese Pavilion itself - and featured also in China's 1992 representation to the Universal Exposition of Seville, Spain - as well as to South Korea's Taejon International Exposition of 1993, in the City of (now anglicized) Daejon.
The impressive China Gate, World Expo '88

[TOP] Image courtesy of Reina Irmer, State Photographer, State Library of Queensland
[ABOVE] Image courtesy of Greg Keogh

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