National Day : 12 October, 1988
Agreement to participate : 22 September, 1986
Commissioner General - Dr Luigi Turchi
Pavilion : 1506 square metres
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The interior of the Italian Pavilion was graced with the arches of the Coliseum and the latest in Italian fast cars, bicycles and motorbikes - highlighting Italian leisure in both ancient and modern times.

The Pavilion also featured large-scale models of work by Leonardo da Vinci, and highlighted the latest in time-saving technology for the house and kitchen, as well as a modern chess game played by a robotic arm.

Other news?

A little known fact is that a large number of items from the Italy Pavilion were gifted at the conclusion of Expo '88, and were moved to northern New South Wales, where, in 1989 the 'New Italy Bi-Centennial Museum & Cafe' was opened. In 1993 the Governor General of the Commonwealth of Australia, Mr Bill Hayden, opened a second phase to the New Italy project, by opening the 'Italy Pavilion at New Italy', celebrating the 1988 World Expo '88 Italy Pavilion, and the rich cultural heritage of the Italian migrant contribution to modern Australia.

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'New Italy' information and background notes courtesy of Richmond Valley Tourism, New South Wales - Used with permission

[TOP] Image 154059p Interior of the Italian Pavilion
[BELOW] Image 154072b Interior of the Italian Pavilion
Images courtesy of Reina Irmer, State Photographer,
State Library of Queensland

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