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Progressing the World Expo '88 Vision
- A non-government not-for-profit entity celebrating Brisbane's World Expo '88 -

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Museum Collection Policy

Museum Archives

A dedicated Museum Collection Policy is the important structure that defines the parameters of the Foundation Expo 88 Museum collection.

The collection aim of the Museum is to selectively choose and collect official items representing
 World Expo 88 popular culture of enduring historical worth to the City of Brisbane. These items can include official souvenirs from the Exposition gift shops, original photographs, newspaper clippings, Pavilion paraphenalia, posters, pamphlets and pins, and so forth, as well as official documents and other publications by the World Expo 88 Authority and Dvisions of the Authority.

The rationale behind the collection is to have available via the World Wide Web a wide
cross-selection of World Expo 88 paraphenalia that would be otherwise not able to be viewed in a traditional Museum exhibition space.

The World Wide Web allows a visitable space at the viewer's time of selection and place of
comfort, accessible by any internet-connected computer world-wide, and, correspondingly, is not limited to the physical, geographical, archival or exhibition duration limitations of a standard Museum space.

The Foundation Expo 88 Museum Collection Policy is as follows:

1. The object is of historical significance.

2. The object fits the collection aim of Foundation Expo 88

3. The objective is relevant to the purposes and collection aim of Foundation Expo 88.

4. The object is in good condition.

5. The object can be adequately and appropriately conserved, catalogued and stored.

6. The intending donor has legal title to the object.

7. The object is donated free of encumbrances.

8. The object has a clearly established provenance.

9. Acquisition of the object does not unnecessarily duplicate material already in the Foundation
Expo 88 collection.

10. The object is able to be displayed on the Foundation Expo 88 web-site via the internet or to
be viewed upon individual request by written application to the Director.

Foundation Expo 88 thanks the Office of Museums Australia Queensland for their ongoing assistance and counsel.

For further information, please contact Foundation Executive Director, John McGregor. executivedirector@celebrate88.com