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The World Expo '88 Honorary Ambassadors

More than 200 personalities from all walks of life were appointed by the Expo Authority to spread the good word about World Expo '88 - sharing the excitement of the Expo's stories and telling and encouraging others to also get excited.

Star Ambassador was Ms Monte Punshon, at age 105, who visited the International Exhibition of Melbourne 1888 at age 5, recalling the splendour of the Melbourne Exhibition, and, at the same time, telling people of the wonders of technology and leisure in store at the 1988 Brisbane World Exposition.

Prime Minister of the Commonwealth of Australia, the Honourable Mr Robert J.L. Hawke MP was also appointed an Honorary Ambassador, as well as the entire West End State School Staff and Students, just adjacent to the Expo site, the entire English Cricket Team, sporting personalities Grant and Lisa Curry, Surfing Ironman and Commonwealth Games Swimming Gold Medallist, as well as perennial Australian international entertainer Rolf Harris, local Queensland singer and personality Simon Gallaher, and variety performers 'Wickety Wak', TV personalities Jackie MacDonald and 'Dah..ling, you're sinking in it' Ms Jeannie Little, Australian champion golfer Greg Norman, cricketer Greg Chappell, and rugby league legend Wally Lewis.

Author, Actress and Playwright Diane Cilento was also chosen, as well as Miss Australia 1987 Ms Judie Green, and actress Sigrid Thornton.

The Expo Honorary Ambassadors played an important role in the popular press - in Brisbane, throughout Australia, and overseas - as well as at local shopping centres - malls - and civic centres - talking with people in the streets - meeting and greeting persons in the name of the good will of World Expo '88 - answering questions - signing autographs - being photographed with Expo Chiefs and platypus Mascot Expo Oz - and getting people excited about World Expo '88.

Some of the Expo Honorary Ambassadors were:

Brock, Peter. Car Racing Personality.
Chappell, Greg. Cricket personality.
Cilento, Diane. Author, Actor, Playwright.
Collins, Bill. TVO Movie Critique / Personality.
The English Cricket Team.
Gallaher, Simon. Singer and Entertainment Star.
Green, Judie. Miss Australia 1987.
Harris, Rolf. Variety Entertainer.
Hawke, Bob (.R.J.L.). Prime Minister of the Commonwealth of Australia.
Hepple, Liz. 1987 Australian Female Cyclist of the Year, Recreation Officer, Queensland University Sports Association.
Ipswich Grammar School First XI Hockey Team.
Johnson, Dick. Car Racing Personality.
Jones, Annie. TVO Personality.
Lewis, Wally. Rugby League.
Little, Jeannie. TV Personality.
Kenny, Grant and Lisa. Sports personalities. Surfing Ironman and Commonwealth Games Gold Medallist.
MacDonald, Jackie. TV personality.
Norman, Greg. Golfer.
Radliffe, Ron. Brisbane Bullets.
Rees-Thomas, Tom (Dr.). Minister, St Andrew's Ann Street Uniting Church, and Member of the University of Queensland Senate.
Scott, Gary. Racing Driver (Third in the James Hardie 1000 1987).
Smith, Billy J. TVO Sports personality.
Thornton, Sigrid. Actress.
Twohill, Kelly. Miss Queensland 1987.
Walters, Rod. Queensland Paraplegic and Quadriplegic Welfare Association President.
West End State School Staff and Students.
Wickety Wak. Queensland Variety Performers.

We hope to engage with the World Expo '88 Honorary Ambassadors in the lead-up to and during the 20th Anniversary in Brisbane - keep your eye out soon!

The general public were also encouraged themselves to 'own' selling the Expo as well - with this popular Expo Authority advertisement featuring an 'open-invitation' World Expo '88 Honorary Ambassador Certificate. What are you doing in sharing the goodwill of World Expo '88 today?

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