Honorary President Frank Pitt
Secretary John McGregor

A Foundation Expo '88 Initiative
Celebrating the Nepal Peace Pagoda - and World Expo '88
at the Nepal Peace Pagoda, South Bank Parklands, Brisbane, Australia.

The Statue of the Lokewessaar Goddess
The Lokewessaar Goddess Enclosure
The Brisbane Nepal Peace Pagoda First Level
Donations Made to the Lokewessaar Goddess - Collected and Tallied Monthly
A Collaborative Project of South Bank Corporation and The Friends of the Pagoda Association

An exciting new PR project for the Association - the Lokewessaar Goddess receives donations from visitors from all over the world. How much of each currency is donated? What is its value in Australian Dollars? What is the per month donations? In collaboration with South Bank Corporation, the Association assumes collection and tally roles - with results per month published to the Association http://www.celebrate88.com/friendsofthepagoda/lokewessaar/ in a fun and informative pie-graph graphic. 50% of convertible to Australian dollar donations contributions dedicated to the Pagoda World Expo '88 Museum at the Second Level of the Pagoda - and 50% and remainder of donations supporting charities in Nepal

The Friends of the Pagoda Association
Bringing the goals, dreams, and aspirations of
 The Association to Preserve Asian Culture, the Save the Pagoda Committee Fund, Friends of the Pagoda, and World Expo '88
into the 21st Century and Beyond...
An Initiative of Foundation Expo '88

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