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Progressing the World Expo '88 Vision
- A non-government not-for-profit entity celebrating Brisbane's World Expo '88 -

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- How you can help Foundation Expo '88 -

Foundation Expo '88 is a non-profit, non-government entity which seeks to remember, record, and further in the public's mind the wonderful success of the 1988 World Exposition, Brisbane, Australia, 30 April 1988 - 30 October 1988, celebrating the Bicentennial of European Settlement to Australia, and the Australian Bicentennial Authority's largest event.

Your kind donation can assist in the following ways:
  • Day-to-day operation of the Foundation Expo '88 web-site, at http://www.celebrate88.com, which includes domain name and host fees.
  • Anti-virus and other computer software that protect the integrity and safety of Foundation Expo '88 records, as well as e-mail correspondence. 
  • Software products that enhance the interactivity and functionality of the Foundation web-site.
  • Preparation and delivery of hard-copy publications of the Foundation, including Guide Sheets, presentation folders, paper correspondence, general correspondence and other non-electronic publicity, which includes costs for envelopes, stationery, printer cartridges, promotional materials, as well as ancillary costs for postal mail services.
  • Record of Foundation documentation in both digital and manual formats, including costs for floppy-disk and CD-rom storage, as well as cabinet file folders.
  • Representation budget at the bi-annual Meetings of the Foundation, on 30 April and 30 October each year, which include preparation and delivery of delegate kits, hire of audio-visual and other equipment as required, tea break and other ancillary refreshments costs, venue booking fees, as well as personnel charges as required, and speaker re-imbursement where required, and gifts for speaker/s and associated persons.
Foundation Expo '88 also makes representational visits to Brisbane, Queensland, inter-state and overseas World Expo '88, World Expositions, and related Government and non-Government organisations and individuals as required, which include itinerary fees, travel and associated costs including booking fees, transport, accommodation, and other representational costs.

Other ways that you can contribute to the Foundation's growth include:
  • Give interview time to tell your World Expositions story,
  • Write a passage (or essay) about your favourite World Expositions experience,
  • Loan or gift photographs, or other images from World Expo '88 and other Australian World Expositions, or Australian representation at other World Expositions for inclusion on the Foundation web-site,
  • Loan or gift items for the Foundation's World Expo '88 Memorabilia Collection, such as official World Expo '88 souvenirs, other World Expo '88 memorabilia, or materials that may contribute to the collective 'World Expo '88 memory'. 
  • Volunteer your time and expertise in any of the following areas: office administration; web-site design and maintenance; interviews & research; data-base design and maintenance; digitisation of paper, photographic and other resources, including recording of, scanning, and enhancing/and preservation of existing media; archiving; and, petitions and lobbying,
  • Give permission to publish, or re-publish your research and/or thesis on a World Expo '88, Australian World Expositions, or Australian representation at a World Exposition topic, on the Foundation web-site 'Academic Forum'.
  • Gift - or create for gifting - a significant work of art - in digital or manual media - concerning an image or topic of World Expo '88 Brisbane. This can be a photograph essay, poem, fiction passage, sculpture, oil painting, DVD or short-film, or other art media - which furthers World Expo '88 in the public's mind and imagination, and adds to the popular literature of World Expo '88 - as a world event, as an Australian Bicentennial exposition, and as a familiar and recognizable feature in Brisbane's tangible and intangible cultural history.
Gifted or loaned World Expo '88 memorabilia items that further the web-site's goals - in whole, or in part - are marked 'Courtesy of the ...[surname]... Collection'. Alternately, you can ask that your details remain anonymous. And, furthermore, items do not need to be donated to feature on the web-site - often a digital photograph record, made by the Foundation, (or loan of paper photograph for digital scanning by the Foundation) will suffice in the majority of cases.

eDonations to Foundation Expo '88 can be made via on-line secure form at PayPal - an eBay Company.
To make an eDonation click this button:


. Sponsor the Foundation Expo '88 website for One Month = $AUD29.70
. Sponsor 200 World Expo '88 Network Guide Pamphlets = $AUD36.00
. Sponsor 833 World Expo '88 Network Guide Pamphlets = $AUD150.00

To contact the Executive Director to discuss your donation usage, to forward your story, images, publish your dissertation or thesis, discuss forwarding a work of art pertaining to the Exposition, or for a World Expo '88 interview story:

+61417 (0417) 434105

Write to:
John McGregor, Founder and Foundation Executive Director, Foundation Expo '88

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To include your World Expo '88 Memorabilia for digital heritage archive and display at the Foundation website Museum page, to donate your memorabilia now, or donate immediately prior to the opening of the World Expo '88 Museum, please download and note the new postal address here:

The Foundation Expo '88 Heritage Archive, Donation, and Intention to Donate Agreement Form

Complete, and send with your item/s to the Foundation postal address of 135 Keats Street Moorooka Brisbane Queensland Commonwealth of Australia 4105.
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